As the summer season wraps up, it’s easy for your thoughts to wander to the sights, sounds, and smells of the holidays. If you are busy making plans for holiday travel, don’t forget to bookmark these important fitness reminders!

1. Exercise at Your Hotel

Jump-start your day of travel by performing a quick exercise routine before you even leave your accommodation. Bodyweight exercises such as squats, push-ups, crunches, and lunges require nothing to work but your body, while a quick yoga class or cardio session via an online video is also highly beneficial. For additional arm strength and toning enhancements, incorporate reps with a resistance, as this accessory is lightweight enough fit into your luggage yet makes a massive difference to your results.

2. Join in with the Locals

Ask the front desk where you are staying about local workout groups, and then drop in. There may be some weird forms of traditional yoga available, or perhaps a scenic place to rock climb, or maybe even just a casual rollerblade next to the beach will do. You should also ask about the cost of a gym day pass, as this could be worth your while!

3. Walk Everywhere

Don’t just absentmindedly jump into a taxi. Rather look on the map, measure how far you’ve got to go, and then walk it if you have the time. Otherwise, consider renting a bike. With these modes of transport, you’ll get to know the city better, you’ll burn calories, and you’ll save money. Just make sure that the neighborhood is safe enough. 

4. Always Take the Stairs

Never miss out on the opportunity to walk up a flight of stairs rather than using the escalator or elevator. This tiny habitual change will make a big difference to your health, and it can often save you time too. If you’re feeling extra crazy, why not run up them?

5. Explore

When you have a gap in your agenda, why not get a bit lost around this unfamiliar environment? Search for famous landmarks, hike along popular routes, or simply visit interesting places on the map. One very enjoyable idea is to join a walking tour, as you will learn about the region’s history and develop your bearings while also shedding those calories. Finally, if all else fails, go for a run in a random direction! Just be sure that you know your way back.

6. Find a Park

The picturesque nature of a park is not only a peaceful place to run around, but can also work as your own personal free gym! Find equipment that you can use as an obstacle course, look out for a basketball court, and locate a pull-up bar alternative, whether it be a swing set or even a tree branch.

7. Go Swimming

Swimming is the perfect exercise if it’s a hot day and you crave a refreshing low-impact approach to cardio. If you’re near a beach, go hit the waves with whatever water sports are on offer, or perhaps your accommodation has a pool of its own for you to enjoy?

8. Go Dancing

How much of a holiday can it really be if you don’t experience the nightlife? Investigate the local scene by jumping on the dance floor yourself, flaunting your moves while bouncing off those calories. Just don’t drink too much otherwise this adventure will have the opposite effect on your health! 

9. Eat Smart

It’s tempting to dine at a restaurant for every meal and stuff your belly with a foreign cuisine, but this is the fastest way to collect up numbers on the scale. Fuel your day with a big slow burning breakfast (like oatmeal or yogurt), buy groceries whenever you can, and carry healthy snacks with you (such as fruit or muesli bars) to avoid hasty hunger decisions. Furthermore, the importance of hydration cannot be overstated. Keep a water bottle with you at all times.

10. Sleep Well

It is your holiday, so some late nights and early starts are to be expected. However, for the sake of your travels, try and schedule in the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep, as this will help your body to rejuvenate while boosting your mood and your overall brain power. Consider it an investment.

You don’t want to undo all of your hard work staying healthy by neglecting your physical fitness over the holidays. Keep these 10 suggestions in mind for ways to stay fit and have fun during your holiday travels without using too much time or effort.