5 Nutrient-Rich Foods for a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet will assist you as you develop your overall health. It offers necessary nutrition needed for your body like macronutrients, vitamins, micro-nutrients, fluid, and sufficient calories. A healthy diet can be obtained from a wide range of animal-based and plant-based foods. By taking a healthy diet, your body obtains the much needed energy and offers needed nutrition without revealing to extreme weight gain or toxicity. A good diet plan along with regular exercise will lower your health risks including cancer, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity. Below are the five nutrient-rich foods you should eat for a healthy diet:


Beans are one of the most nutrient-rich foods. They are high in low-fat protein and packed with fiber. They contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins which may safe guard from diabetes, cancers, cardio disease, and many others. You can add beans to soups, chili, and stews. Or else sprinkle them in salads and eat them.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another nutrient-rich food for your healthy diet. It is the best source of protein, and vitamins. It helps to build strong bones, aids with digestion and helps your immune system. It is always best to take yogurt every day in the diet.

Sweet potatoes

Another nutrient-rich food for a healthy diet is sweet potatoes. It is one of the most nutritious vegetables you can eat. It is rich in potassium, vitamins, proteins, and nutrients.


Salmon is a nutrient dense, heart healthy fish. It is essential for the optimal function of your body. It is mainly prized for its beneficial and massive number of nutrients including protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It is best to eat fish at least once or twice a week.


Nuts are another nutrient-rich food to keep the body healthy. They are rich in carbohydrates and protein and are also an outstanding sources of vitamin B, magnesium, vitamin E, and zinc.


Lentils are a pulse which is mainly used in cookery throughout the world. Lentils need a long cooking time, but the seeds can be growing which makes them ready to eat making them a delicious and healthy snack for your healthy diet. Taking the sprouted lentils for a lunchbox will make for a yummy and healthy meal.

The above mentioned foods are the top and best nutrient-rich foods for a healthy diet. Anyone can take these foods to lead a healthy life.


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