In the world of gym memberships and YouTube fitness channels, why would anyone consider installing a fitness app on their phones? We decided to look for one of better-rated but hype-free fitness apps and see what they have to offer. Hence, the choice of BetterMe fitness and weight loss app: BetterMe reviews and ratings are glowing, its popularity is on the rise, so how does it prove it competitiveness? Let’s find out.

  1. The target audience of BetterMe fitness app

The app is targeted mainly at women, though we asked our male colleague to try and try it – and it wasn’t anything awful, just your regular exercising. So, gender aside, we would say that BetterMe app is a nice little helper for:

  • Those who are not ready to join the gym, for whatever reasons: anxiety, logistics issues, etc.
  • Those who don’t have enough time to work out regularly. Numerous jobs, hectic schedule, kids, you name it, can make sticking to a particular routine and dedicating several hours to exercising quite difficult.
  • Those who are in early stages of committing to a healthier lifestyle. BetterMe fitness app makes exercising and getting rid of calories look doable.
  • Those who travel frequently for personal or work reasons and don’t always have the time to find a local gym. Same for when you’re on vacation.
  • Those who would like to combine the BetterMe experience and going to the gym.

We didn’t just make this list up: We’ve tried the app, asked our friends about it, and, of course, studied the BettereMe reviews.

  1. BetterMe and User experience

A PSA from the developers: BetterMe fitness app should only be downloaded on your iOS or Android device from AppStore or GooglePlay, respectively, to ensure you have the genuine, safe-to-use app and not a replica designed by scammers.

Also, the developers recommend trying out the free 3-day or 7-day trial, because no, BetterMe app isn’t completely free. You can either cancel the auto-subscription as your trial is nearing end, or continue using it in exchange for a fee specified in the terms of use. For instance, a standard price of a 6-month subscription is around $42, that is, $7/month. What do you get for your money?

Once you set up your profile in a few simple steps and choose the 28-day challenge of toning a certain body area, you can start your workouts and meal prep according to in-app recommendations.

Basically, you set aside around 15 minutes per day, sometimes several times per day, to follow the working out instructions, and then some time to look at and prepare the food options suggested by the app.

Once you finish your first BetterMe 28-day challenge, you can try others and focus on a different body area (say, your buttocks, your tummy, the chest area, etc.).

  1. BetterMe: The good, the bad, the ugly

On the minus side: Some may feel that the cost of the app is too high; the meal plans aren’t as diverse; the difference between the toughest and easiest workouts could be better pronounced. But that’s about it, from our experience.

Like we said, BetterMe is best for you if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or would like to keep exercising when gym’s out of the question.

It has a comfortable and easily understandable interface available in English, Spanish and German.

The workouts are quick, but don’t be discouraged, as they are intensive and effective, and you’ll be impressed at the results you’ve achieved just with the help of your own body weight, as BetterMe doesn’t require any special equipment.

An additional plus for some is the BetterMe Facebook community and its site, BetterMe Guru, with complementary workout and health tips.

  1. BetterMe: The Verdict

In a month’s time, that is, the duration of the 28-day challenge, those in our group who tried the app have lost from 10 to 14 pounds. That’s why we are sure that BetterMe reviews are true. And we have collectively agreed that this alone is the reason to continue using the app.

Tell us – What is your preference, gym, YouTube tutors, apps, or a combined experience?