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Check Out The Strive Summit Lineup

We've been chatting about it on social media and we're excited to announce the lineup of speakers presenting at this years Strive Summit happening September 15-16 at MacEwan University.

The purpose of Strive Summit is simple. To help you engage better with your community and grow your brand organically to reach new clients and tell your story. We're so pumped about all the learning that will be happening this weekend and all of the learning guests will be doing.

Here's a sample of one of our summit speakers, Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Sale and a brief introduction of what she will be chatting about and why she's excited for Strive Summit.

For  the full lineup and to get your early bird tickets, head over to

Tell us a little bit about what you do

I serve people by helping them discover their dreams through my transformational dream building program. I am on the national board of Special Olympics and have been an ambassador for 6 years to help spread the word of the movement.

How did you get started?

I was certified to be a Dream Builder life coach in March and started coaching in April. I was inspired to be a life coach through my personal discoveries with my life coach.

What is your favourite part about the health and wellness community in Edmonton?

I love that it is a community of many options that fit different people’s needs and that the community offers lots of collaboration and support for each other!

You have two minutes to give a quick tip of advice to someone who is just starting their career in the health and wellness industry- what do you tell them?

I would simply ask “what would you love?” What is your vision for your career? Discover this and go after it! Nothing is impossible, we live in an infinite universe. Get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to succeed. You will have thoughts of fear always but don’t let fear have you.

What excites you about your topic for Strive Summit?

I’m excited to see people get excited about dreaming! We often don’t dream as we have fears of failure. I’m also excited to inspire people to want to be even better contributors in their own communities, being a person of increase.

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