By Fiona Greyson

Spending time in the gym, making exercises, lifting weights and using some of fitness appliances is good for your health. However if you have pains after these activities, in most cases this indicates that you do something improperly. All injuries after gym activities are a sign that you load your muscles too much or do something not the right way. Here are some of the most common gym injuries and some useful tips to help you prevent them.

If you are suffering from pains in your knees, the reason for this can be doing intensive cardiovascular exercises, using a treadmill or straining yourself too much with repeated jumps, squats and weight-lifting. What you can do to prevent these aches from appearing again is replace the treadmill with the exercise bike. This won’t strain your knees so much. You can also make some stretching exercises, which will make the muscles around your knees stronger and prepare them for the muscular efforts, Splendid Professional Cleaning suggest.

If you are suffering from pains in the back, these indicate that you are doing your weight-lifting or crunches incorrectly. This is caused by improperly straining too much your back instead of the necessary muscle groups. To prevent back pains from appearing again, stretch your body enough before and after you do your core exercises. Do the stretches carefully if you are in pain and be sure you do your weight-lifting properly, following the directions for these exercises.

If you have tendinitis in your shoulders, heels, calf, wrists or any joints in your body, the reason for this is inflammation of the sinew, which creates the pains. This most probably is as a result of causing too much tension on your body and doing too much exercises. To prevent these pains from occurring again do some stretches, take a pill like ibuprofen or apply ice on the tendon which hurts. Avoid doing the exercise, which have brought you the pains. When you are ready to continue with straining your muscles, do this step by step, slowly and cautiously.

If you are suffering from sprained ankle after some training, which includes quick jumping, you need to make the ankle muscles stronger. There are certain exercises for this purpose. If your ankle is sprained, apply some ice on it, take an ibuprofen and have a break from your gym activities.

If you feel some pain in your neck, the reason for this most probably is inappropriate or too much pressure and efforts applied on your neck muscles. Check if the technique you use for doing your exercises, involving your neck muscles, is correct. If you suffer from some pain in your shoulders and neck, the reason for this may be some serious injury so make sure you visit the doctor. If everything turns out to be normal and there is no reason for worries, you can continue doing your exercises. Strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations and prescriptions.

Most common gym injuries, which aren’t serious or caused by cracks or broken bones, can be healed and prevented with the proper stretches. Your back and muscles will feel great after you do some yoga or other types of exercises for stretching. All pains in your muscles and body show that you have overdone with exercises or do them improperly. Learning the right technique to do your gym exercises and be careful when doing the tougher ones will solve the problems. Straining your muscles too much leads to pains in them and injuries in your body. Most common injuries occur as a result of lack of knowledge and skills how to train. If you rely on a skilled and experienced fitness instructor to teach you how to practise your training exercises, you will avoid many mistakes and injuries.

Fiona is a manager at Deluxe Clean, finding time to exercise and eat healthy is very important for her.