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Edmonton’s Top Young Athletes Compete to Capture Athletic Gold

On March 2, 2018, young athletes from around the city were invited to compete in one of three age groups: 6-8, 9-10, and 11-12 to earn the title of YEG's Best Athlete. The all-around skills competition saw challengers face-off in the categories of fitness/gymnastics, skating, hockey, squash, swimming, tennis, and badminton. The top scoring competitor in each group took home the gold and a $1,000 RESP for their continuing education.

“YEG’s Best Athlete is designed to give kids a platform to realize their full athletic potential,” says Royal Glenora Club CEO Dustin McAvoy. “It’s so rewarding to see the pride and joy on their faces as we award them their gold medal and a scholarship to help them achieve their dreams.”

Registration was free and open to kids from around the city over the Teacher's Convention long weekend and YEG Fitness was a proud sponsor of the event.

"Seeing kids engaged in fitness and wellness activities is something that we will always want to be a part of," says YEG Fitness editor TJ Sadler. "It's encouraging to see kids picking up a sport or just being active when there are so many distractions today from their portable devices."

In the 6-8 Category, Devin Pelletier won Gold, Jaxon Moss won Silver, and Carson Lau won Bronze! In the 9-10 Category, Kobee Seto won Gold, Brett Barnes won Silver, and Jason Yih won Bronze! And in the 11-12 Category, Kalee Seto won Gold (her second in two years!), Zachary Valentine won Silver, and Connor Yih won Bronze. The top winners in each category took home a $1000 R.E.S.P! Congratulations, winners!

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