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Birds are chirping, bike lanes are busy, and the shirtless-rollerblading-guitar-man is out bringing smiles to the faces of all the patio-goers on Whyte Avenue. Surely this can only mean one thing… Summer in Edmonton is HERE. It’s time to come out of your hibernation and enjoy all that Edmonton has to offer from the many festivals, food trucks, extended patios and, of course, sports! September is going to be here before you know it (sorry, but it’s true!) and that means we need to maximize every ounce of sunshine we can handle. The best way to do that? Playing sports outside. Not only is it a great way to enjoy the sun, but it’s also a great way to get active and add to your already well-rounded fitness plan (thereby justifying the amount of patio-time you’ll be taking advantage of).

The Edmonton Sport & Social Club is Edmonton’s largest co-ed, adult-only sports league. Our motto is ‘Fun-First, Winning-Second’ because we believe in the social side of sport and the many benefits, physically and mentally, that playing sports provides. We offer a variety of skill levels for you to play, from Recreational to Competitive, so whether you’re new to the sport, fine-tuning your skills, or are a seasoned vet, there’s a skill level where everyone fits in. This Summer, choose from one of over fifteen different sports including Slo-Pitch, Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Flag Football, Tennis, and many more. Can’t choose one? Choose them all! Register for our Multi-Sport league and you can play a different sport each week of the season.


35+? We got you. We’re proud to offer our Legends 35+ League, a fun-first sports league geared towards meeting the needs of Edmontonians 35 years of age or older. This Summer, choose from Beach Volleyball, Slo-Pitch, and Floor Hockey in our Legends 35+ League and get active with other adults who are similar in age, skill level, and mind-set. Take it from one of our very own Legends, Jeff, who plays with The Healthy Scratches: “It is tiring for us old men to chase those young whipper snappers around. Mind you, I didn’t have that problem playing goal and all, but I did digress. The chance to play with like-minded players and the ability to share stories of various geriatric issues has been a true blessing.”


Registration for the Summer season is currently open! The deadline to get in the game is June 20 and all Summer leagues will begin July 6. Make sure you act fast! With our Tiered Pricing system, the earlier you register, the more money you save! You have three registration options:

  1. Full Team
    1. Congrats! You’ve got a full team. Thanks for doing the leg-work recruiting!
  2. Small Group
    1. We’ll pair you with another Small Group and/or Individuals to create the team.
  3. Individual
    1. We’ll pair you with other Individuals to create the team.

Registration is easy! Simply go to, choose the sport you want to play, the night of the week/weekend you want to play it, and register online. Questions? We’d love to chat. Give us a call at 780-429-GAME (4263).

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