Hi, my name is Sophie Gray, the girl you see in the image attached to this article. My images, like this one, are posted, pinned and shared round the worldwide web and hashtagged #perfect. I also have a weakness for nachos and have days where the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. I imagine when my images are shared, and captioned #perfect, me in a dressing gown, watching multiple episodes of The Mindy Project is not what they are talking about.


Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean we have to move into the gym, give up our favorite foods or be obsessed with our weight – and that is what, my business, Way of Gray is all about.


I use to beat myself up for not making it to the gym, or slipping up on my diet. I thought that I had to work out obsessively and limit what I ate to see results – but that’s not the case. I am certainly no gym rat, nor am I the cleanest eater alive, and no one needs to be either. Healthy living doesn’t have to be extreme. It can truly be as easy as going to the gym 4 days a week, and opting for natural unprocessed foods. Healthy living can be as uncomplicated as taking the stairs, or going for a walk during your lunch break. It can be as simple as drinking loads of water, and eating more green things.


This lifestyle also extends far beyond weight loss. Quick fixes, and fad diets can work, sure, but would we not much rather adopt a lifestyle that focuses on all areas of our wellbeing, not just our waistline? Through Way of Gray, I encourage my clients to work on their inner self, as much as they work on their physical appearance. Life is short, seriously – and do we reaaalllly want to spend it worrying about how many calories we have consumed and burnt each day? I hope not. There are so many incredible things to be grateful for, and rather than complaining about the lack of carbs we have consume, let’s opt to think about how fortunate we are.


It’s important to remember that our bodies are doing everything they can to ensure there is air in our lungs, and blood in our veins. By moving our bodies, eating well, getting enough sleep and managing our stress, we are showing our bodies the respect they deserve.


Are you ready to start showing it that respect?


By Sophie Gray