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#iamYEGFit – Ula Kaniuch

  1. Which do you prefer? Exercise in the gym or outdoors?

For workouts, outside. You can find me at the Westridge stairs in the summer. Yoga is different though. I rather practice in a simple space, inside. The best practice happens when I can hear my breath while moving. Even better when I can hear the whole room of students.

  1. What would be your wellness vacation dream destination?

I would travel anywhere in the world as long as I have my mat and running shoes. Some of my favourite past vacation included surfing in Brazil, a hike up Arthur's seat in Edinburgh, and running through Central Park in New York. When I think of a wellness destination, I think of adventure and exploration.

  1. Style of yoga you prefer?

Whether leading myself through my own practice or going to a class in the community, a strong breath-focused practice is what I love. I find this with The Rocket and Sattva especially.

  1. Money's no object. Where are you eating your next meal in YEG?

Simple, my mom's house. She is the best cook I know and everything she makes is made with love. My Second choice would be Cafe Mosaics for their Vegan Pho.

  1. What's in your gym bag right this minute?

I'm lucky, I get to wear workout gear all day. No bag needed. I do like to stash an extra pair of runners and a yoga mat in my car, so I can be ready for a spontaneous workout. If you looked in my workbag you would find a peanut for emergency rolling and peppermint oil to make me feel energized.

  1. Favourite cold weather activity?

Sitting in front of the fire reading. I will happily head outside in the cold for an activity, but only if it is bright. I shrivel in the dark.

  1. Coffee or Tea? How do you take it?

Americano. Black. Preferably from Da Capo with their gluten free cookie.

  1. Barefoot or socked feet in your runners?

Depends on the shoe and activity. My trail shoes are designed to be worn without socks (Vivo Barefoot), while my gym shoes (Strike Movement) I wear socks with.

  1. Spa treatment you can't live without?

I have at home rituals I can't live without; they help me balance myself as I live a full life. I treasure my PURA Botanicals body oils, and I make sure to leave a little time in every day to take care of myself.

  1. Favourite local organization you supported last? 

Be Free Project. I am inspired by Katie Jolicoeur, owner of Be Free Yoga. She is working to bring yoga and meditation into her community to support people with mental illness. I will always be cheering her on and finding ways to support her.