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Ignite 360 - iPOP Event

Join Simon Bennett and Jared Smith as they host “iPOP”, a 360-degree fitness immersion + information pop-up event.

Held on the 24th level of the new Edmonton Tower, you will be guided through a fun 60-minute high performance session while you enjoy a 180° view of our city. You’ll experience a bit of everything – movement prep, bio-hacking, mini HIIT, nueroplasticity, yoga and meditation – before getting to learn about Western Canada’s first High Performance Living Summit, Ignite 360, taking place this November in the heart of Kananaskis Country.

Learn more about how the summit will help you optimize and reach your highest levels of performance, through an immersive experience with world-class experts in movement, nutrition, and regeneration.

Ignite 360 iPOP
May 22, 2018 5:30 pm-8pm
Edmonton Tower 10111-104 Ave Edmonton

Registration: 5:30 PM Program Starts: 6:00 PM

Attire: Workout gear, something to stretch and get active in.

Please bring a yoga mat.

Activities: Socialize, sweat a bit, meditate, flow and learn. Then enjoy some healthy bites.

Attendance is Free.

Get your tickets here: eventbrite Limited to 130 attendees only.

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