They say there is strength in numbers right?  Well with X Warrior in 2017, there are also serious perks!  Free event clothing, free compression arm sleeves,  free 2nd laps (gulp), private team refuelling tents and more.  For those looking to tackle this year’s course with a group, we’ve got your back.

Here is how it works.  Ready?  Follow closely…

Step 1 – Commit to being awesome in 2017

Step 2 – Register & Start a team on our registration platform (super easy to do)

Step 3 – Invite friends, family, coworkers, teammates to join the team

Step 4 – BOOM.  Incentives enroute!


2017 X Warrior Team Incentives for your entire team!

5+ Team Members – Free 2017 Race Buffs & 25% Off Future Boneyard Team Challenge event booking!

10+  Team Members  – Free 2nd Lap!

20+ Team Members – Free Compression Arm Sleeves!

25+ Team Members – Private Team Fueling Pop Up Tent!

Don’t delay.  This is a limited time offer. Register today, enlist the crew & celebrate together.
Post race beers always taste better with friends.

Incentive Program Expires August 15th.  Register before it’s too late!