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Providing Edmonton and Area Residents Access to Recreation and Fitness Facilities!

The old saying of "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away" is common place but what about "physical activity daily, keeps the doctor away"?

Embarking on a physical activity plan or a new exercise routine is daunting for most. Finding the right place to start can be tricky. A visit with your doctor and healthcare team might be just what you need!

Through local Primary Care Networks (PCNs), essentially a group of family doctors working with a multidisciplinary team, individuals who need to be more physically active can be offered an "exercise prescription". The program, Prescription to Get Active, is a new and exciting program offering this opportunity.

The nine Edmonton and area Primary Care Networks have partnered with local recreation and fitness facilities to offer the Prescription to Get Active program. Launched in early 2014 as an extension to a similar program running at the Leduc Devon Beaumont PCN, the program is providing access for Edmontonians to recreation and fitness facilities.

How does the initiative work?

Doctors and associated multidisciplinary clinicians (e.g., nurses, exercise specialists, dietitians, pharmacists, etc.) from the local PCNs are participating in the program. If your healthcare team is affiliated with a PCN, then a "prescription" may be written for you if it is deemed appropriate for your current health status.

To access the program:

1. Meet with your primary healthcare team to discuss your physical activity habits.

2. If determined appropriate for your health and current physical activity level, the healthcare team member may write you a prescription for more physical activity.

3. With prescription in hand, visit the Prescription to Get Active website, to determine the closest recreation and fitness facility to you.

4. Each facility provides a unique offer so be sure to find the one that suits your needs the best

For more information about the Prescription to Get Active program, visit their website at

Just one more way to be a bit more physically active in Edmonton!


lisaLisa A. Workman M.A., B.P.E., CSEP-CEP

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