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Stay Moving, Motivated, Mindful with Shane Kokas October Edition

When you think of gathering with loved ones, festive parties and an abundance of food and beverages, you would suspect I was referring to the Christmas Season. However, I am referring to the holiday season occurring in October.

October is a busy time of year, with a lot of extra food lying around. Thanksgiving creates visits with friends, family and a lot of heavy holiday foods – do not forget those leftovers, oh my!

Along with Thanksgiving you’ll notice tons of candy lying around in bowls and cupboards as households prep for the Halloween season.

With these 2 occasions, a lot of mindless snacking and unnecessary weight gain are prevalent.

To help combat any potential negative weight gain this month, we have a full body circuit that requires minimal time and compound movements to help burn some extra calories.


  1. Set 15 minutes on the clock, and go through each exercise for the prescribed number of reps, as many times as possible.
  2. Pick a weight that is appropriate for the rep number prescribed.
  3. Complete all the reps for each exercise before moving onto the next one.
  4. Rest as need.

Mark down the number of times you are able to go through the workout in the 15 minute time frame – this is your score.

As the month unfolds try to match or beat your previous score.

Have fun!


Squat hold to DB chest press 20
Walking lunge to DB bicep curl 16 (8 per leg)
Walkout to push up 6
Body weight squat to lateral lunges 8 squats + 8 lunges per leg
Plank DB Row 20 total (10 per am)


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