Losing weight is hard work, and sometimes you need a bit of extra motivation in order to keep going. The following tips can help you find some motivation during times when you may be struggling with your diet. Following these tips from the beginning of your diet can ensure that you remain motivated throughout your diet.

Don’t Deny Yourself Everything That You Like 

If you feel that you are depriving yourself of your favorite foods, then you may be less likely to stick to your diet as you may start to feel resentful. Allowing yourself to have this food every now and again may benefit your diet rather than harm it and keep you motivated. This is especially true if you carefully monitor your portion size and incorporate it into your diet.

Set Yourself a Good Motivational Goal

This should be a goal that will create excitement and give you drive to succeed. If you feel excited about reaching this goal, then you are more likely to achieve it. With this goal in mind, you should find it easier to stay motivated in order to work towards achieving this goal.

Create a Thin Mindset 

Some studies suggest that is possible to think yourself thin. By creating a thin mindset, you can remain motivated to stick to your diet plans as you are constantly envisioning yourself as being thin, and this can help deter you from making bad food choices.

Surround Yourself with Thin Friends

This sounds funny, but it does work. You can use your friends for inspiration that can help to keep you motivated. If your friends have recently lost weight themselves, then they will be able to share their experience with you and give you some tips.

Give Yourself Rewards

These rewards should not be cakes or other foods that are high in fat and calories. You could set yourself a goal to lose a certain amount of weight and when you have lost this weight you can buy yourself a piece of clothing in a smaller dress size.

Expect Setbacks

Setbacks are likely to occur, but the most important thing is how you deal with these setbacks. If you have a bad day, then it is important that you do not use this as an excuse to give up on your diet altogether. If you acknowledge that these mistakes are likely to happen but decide that you will not let them get to you, then you are not likely to become demotivated.

Set Yourself Some Rules

This could be something such as ‘no eating food three hours before bedtime’. If you can stick to these rules, then this will give you extra motivation as you will feel that you have achieved something. The knowledge that you have stuck to these rules that you have set yourself will give you motivation to stick to the rest of your diet.

Lose Weight with Friends

This can make losing weight more fun. You are more likely to motivate each other, and some healthy competition can help you remain focused. If you have arranged with a friend to meet up for a walk or go to the gym, you are less likely to find an excuse not to go which will help both of you to lose weight and stay motivated.

Read Up on the Benefits of Weight Loss
In addition to surrounding yourself with positive, healthy-looking people, it is also worth making effort to surround yourself with positive, motivating information. Read topical non-fiction works with inspiring stories of people who have actually achieved significant positive results from losing weight – or, if you don’t have time for full-length books, check out the Health & Wellbeing section in the book summary app Blinkist.

Change Your Habits and Routines

In order for you to maintain any healthy weight loss when you have reached your target weight you will need to think of your diet as a complete lifestyle change. If you continue to follow the same habits and routines that you had before you started dieting then it is unlikely that you will start to lose weight. Thinking of yourself as adopting a healthy lifestyle rather than being on a diet will help you to remain motivated.

Think Positive and Ditch the Negatives

Positive thinking is a key tool in remaining motivated. If you really believe that you will be able to lose weight and keep it off, then you are more likely to succeed. The ability to remain motivated will also come easier to people who can think positive and maintain this positive mindset.


Motivation is an important aspect of any diet, but it can sometimes be difficult to remain motivated, especially if your weight loss has slowed down. Following these strategies can help you keep your motivation and ensure that your weight loss efforts remain on track.

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