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Top 4 Upper Body Workout Routines For Men

Well defined biceps and rock hard abs are what weight lifters aim for when it comes to working towards a masculine physique. A perfectly sculpted body doesn't come easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and a carefully thought of strategy. With the combination of some highly effective workouts, you will soon be rocking a jaw-dropping upper body.

1. Overhead Press
This is phenomenal strength and muscle builder that engages muscles in the entire upper body. Although challenging, it is a foundation lift in any upper body routine. You can choose to perform the overhead press while standing or lying down. However, doing the presses while standing up has more benefits as besides building the abdominal walls, it builds stability for the legs and strengthens the hips. It further strengthens the shoulders and upper back. Most beginners do not know how to approach this vital workout. It is a technical lift that should be handled with expertise.

Start off by placing the bar on the squat rack while standing with the feet slightly wider than your shoulder width. Carefully lift the bar and rest it in front of your chest with your arms perpendicular to the floor. Your hands should be positioned wider than your shoulder width for stability. Squeeze and push the bar overhead while pushing your head forward. As the bar passes your face, ensure that you shrug your traps. Perform 5 reps then rest in between.


2. Incline Bench Press

This workout targets the upper chest, shoulders (deltoids) and back area of the arms (triceps). It is an ideal workout for men who are looking to rip up monster arms.

Find an adjustable bench and set it at 30-40 degree angle. Lie back on it with the feet flat on the ground for a sturdy base. Your lower back should be flatly resting against the bench then hold the bar with the hands just outside your shoulder width. Gently arch your back and pull the bar off the rack. While doing this, do not directly bring the bar to your chest, hold it above your head for a few seconds first. Lower the bar towards your chest. If the bar touches the nipple area then, its way too low. Dig your feet into the floor while pushing it back up and lift it back up. Perform five reps and rest for 90 seconds in between.

3. Pull Up
This is the kind of exercise that engages all the pull muscles in your body; your back, biceps, and forearms. How well you perform your pull-ups will indicate your level of fitness. Doing pull ups at a basic level means that you are in good shape. You are in great shape if you can pull off 10 pull ups in a set.

Hang from a pull bar with the arms just outside the shoulder width. Your palms should face inwards. Use your energy to pull up until your chin is above and over the bar. Gently use your energy to lower yourself down to the starting position then repeat. Perform as many reps as you possibly can while resting for 60 seconds in between.

4. Body Weight Rows
These are a perfect alternative to pull ups. They engage the entire upper body hence a ripped chest, arms, and back. The best thing about body weight rows is that you can adjust the bar to your comfort level. If you are new to this, place the bar on a higher level then lower it as you towards becoming a pro.

Place the bar where you are the most comfortable. The lower the bar, the more you have to lean back hence a higher resistance. You will need to put more energy to it this way. Lean back, grab onto the barbell with the hands a bit further from your shoulder width for optimal support. Clench your butt tight, tighten the abs and straighten your body during the entire workout. Focus entirely on pulling with your arms. Perform three sets of eight reps and rest for two minutes in between the reps.


All of these upper body workouts are highly effective when it comes to toning, strengthening and building the upper body muscles. They may be tough to perform at first but tolerable after you get the hang of it. You can incorporate some multivitamin for body building in order to boost your energy levels hence speeding up the results.

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