Not all of us are big on running or working out in a gym, which are the two main ways people stay active and work at becoming more fit and healthy. Often it can feel a little impossible to start changing your lifestyle to include more activity, especially if the traditional options don’t appeal to you very much. Making the decision to exercise regularly is a great one to make, and usually, all people need is a little bit of inspiration and tips for fun ways to start moving and get active!

Skateboarding & Longboarding

There are several different kinds of electric-powered skateboards and longboards that all come with different levels of difficulty and skills. Choosing the best board for you will ensure that it is a great fit and will encourage you to go out for rides more often, getting you more and more active. This style of activity and sport is found most commonly in young adults and teenagers, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Not only is it a widely enjoyed way to get outside and move, it can be a reliable method of transportation and an excellent way to get involved with a new social circle.


Have you ever heard of Zumba? It’s a dance program built to help accelerate weight-loss, get cardio training, and build up muscle through the fun movements of dancing. Even if you’re not interested in joining a program, which are available in most communities, you can still use dance as a way to start moving. Going out to a club and hitting the floor, or pulling up a YouTube video while you’re home alone are a few starting blocks for using dance as a way to exercise. Maybe you and a friend or partner could join a local dance class or audition for a musical!

Martial Arts

This one is a double-whammy when it comes to benefits. Learning to defend yourself is important, especially for those with higher risks of endangerment, such as women or those living in a busy city. Karate and other forms of martial arts are always great ways to encourage activity and exercise. You’ll burn fat and work a sweat during training and practices, and as you get better, you’ll learn how to condition your body and monitor your endurance.


Good news! You can knock out house-cleaning and a work-out in one take! If you work at a fast pace while cleaning and throw your effort into the job, you can increase your heart rate and work up a sweat. Any time your heart beats faster than normal for extended periods of time, it is considered a work-out. Sweating is also good for your body as it releases toxins and water weight.

Little changes

Even just opting for the stairs next time over the elevator or parking in far parking spots from the store or your work can help your activity over time and can count as exercise. If organized workouts aren’t your style, try these little changes first to get started.