If you are fitness or bodybuilding fanatic, you have probably heard of SARMS. Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS) stand for synthetic drugs that can help build your muscles.

Different body goals require different kinds of workout, nutrition, and lifestyle. When it comes to bodybuilding the stronger you are, the better. Muscles could be naturally built to one point, after that you can only enhance them with supplements.

If you are a professional athlete (bodybuilder) then, you should forget about SARMS because they are prohibited. However, if you are bodybuilding because you like it, keep on reading to learn more about SARMS.

What are SARMS?

As we mentioned, SARMS are synthetic drugs for building muscles and strength. The working mechanism is based on the concept of either stimulating or inhibiting certain body receptors. On paper, this sounds pretty awesome as you can effectively increase muscle mass, bone mass and improve body fat loss. However, there is also a negative side to this story, so you have to be careful with SARMS.

How do the SARMS exactly work?

So, let´s put it this way – androgens are chemicals in your body responsible for controlling the growth and maintenance of characteristics considered masculine, like a deeper voice, facial hair, higher muscle and lower fat stores. How this exactly works:

  • Binding directly to androgen receptors
  • Converting to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which then connect to androgen receptors
  • Converting to estrogen, which connects to estrogen receptors

The science implies that they have a specific affinity for muscle and bone cells and that they completely avoid your heart, brain, prostate or liver. Also, SARMs do not break down into DHT, estrogen or other unwanted molecules.

Are the SARMS safe to use?

When it comes to safety, please take all here written with a bit of doubt, as this is not an article written by a doctor. Especially, if you have some medical precondition, it is highly recommended or you to check if you can use SARMS.

Now, let´s get back straight to the question. It depends a lot which supplements you use and maybe even more important is the dosage. You should always be careful with supplements and avoid overdosing at all costs.

When researching SARMs, it is important to read what dosage was used in clinical trials. Consuming SARM for a long time in high does could result in hormonal imbalances. In a man that can result in a reduction of testosterone, while a woman could develop man traits such as body hair growth.

The safe and efficient solution: MK-677

This SARM increases levels of growth hormone without increasing cortisol levels. That is awesome news because high cortisol levels could negatively impact your immune system, memory and learning abilities.

The difference between MK-677 and steroids is the fact that MK-677 is not a hormone itself, it only mimics the behavior of it. This supplement can improve the quality of your sleep, help building muscles, reduce muscle wasting, and if you want to find out more about its benefits you should read this compelling review!

Choose wisely!

In the end, whatever you decide to do, make sure you have informed yourself properly on the subject. The crucial thing here is that you determine why would you need supplements, to limit the dosage and stick to the plan. Also, you should check your overall health before any supplement intake, so you make sure you will be safe. Some SARMs can affect you negatively if you have diabetes or any other medical condition. Therefore, don´t rush into anything, choose wisely and stick to the safe solutions.