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Why CrossFit? Why Not Something Else?

I’ve been doing CrossFit for a number of years and the longer I do it, the more clear it becomes as to why I choose CrossFit and not something else.

I believe CrossFit provides individuals the armour (lol…get it?!) required to tackle the combats of daily life. Whether it’s carrying out your groceries, wanting to look and feel better, or just playing with your kids, CrossFit training has given me the tools needed to enjoy life to its fullest.

CrossFit does not specialize in one domain of fitness. It uses functional movements and the application of specialized techniques sampling from many areas of exercise, including Olympic lifting and gymnastics. It provides participants with almost a new exciting challenge everyday. Whether it’s a daily workout of the day (WOD) or a benchmark workout, I always get a fantastic workout, which over a surprisingly short period of time, is effective at building muscle, burning fat, and providing an overall optimal amount of energy and stamina.

CrossFit workouts challenge participants to use various major muscle groups in the body in a meaningful manner. Fitness is not one dimensional. Completing the strength and conditioning program outlined by CrossFit Armoury, will allow individuals to increase their speed, muscle power, and overall performance and capacity.

CrossFit involves “constantly varied movements at a high intensity”. With this being said, every person is a good candidate for participating in CrossFit and at CrossFit Armoury, all skill levels are welcome. With opportunities to scale to a lower lifting weight or fewer reps or rounds for workouts, the benefits of doing CrossFit are available for all who wish to participate. Bottom line is if everyone can do it, so can you!

Besides the physical and mental benefits, I do CrossFit because I love the positive community experiences I feel every time I participate. In CrossFit everyone is on the same team, doing the same workout. We are each other’s comrades in battle and we never leave an individual behind- we enthusiastically encourage them until they complete the workout! And I hear from a lot of people that walking into CrossFit Armoury often feels like walking into a second home.

If you find yourself still asking “Why CrossFit?”, please come join us for a week trial with our highly trained coaches and we’ll be thrilled to show you why!
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