Chilling by the pool with a cold beer and a book may be the idea of a dream vacation for many.

For many others, it would be the epitome of boredom. The true thrill seekers and early risers typically have something else in mind, and that can often be a hike up a mountain, deep-sea diving or a spot of base jumping. The problem arises when the more active folk apply for travel insurance to cover sporting activities.

While insurance companies have slightly varying degrees of pessimism when it comes to covering some sports, with others, they are surprisingly lenient. As with anything insurance related, it all comes down to risk.

The worst-case scenario of an injury in a game of tennis will be typically be nothing when compared with things which can go wrong when a person decides to run with the bulls in Pamplona. Given the fact that 15 people have died from being gored in that event since records began in 1924, it is no wonder why insurance companies tend to raise their eyebrows to those looking to get involved.

Exclusions and Limitations

Standard insurance policies provide coverage for some sports and activities. When it comes to anything considered a little more extreme, things can get difficult. You may find that – while activities such as hiking, diving and spelunking may be covered to some degree – there will be limitations in the cover offered to you.

If an insurance company that does not specialize in providing cover for extreme activities does agree to cover you, you may find that it is not worth your while. The sports or endeavors you want to thrust yourself into may feel grossly constricted, which may lead you to pursue alternative options.

Travel Insurance for the Adventurous

It may come to the point where you require coverage which a standard policy can simply not provide. In this case, you should look into finding the right cover which will give you the breathing space and comfort in knowing you won’t be left short.

Insurers can give you an idea of what will be considered above their means in terms of offering cover. Once you can ascertain that you will not be covered for your adventures, look for a provider that will.

There are a number of providers that specialize in sports coverage. This is likely the best option if you are out of options. The enhanced coverage and tailored solution will typically represent the level of cover you need. The more extreme your activities are deemed to be will, therefore, be reflected in the price you pay.

Something to Consider

Just because you have obtained coverage for rock climbing or scuba-diving, this does not mean you have the carte blanche to go crazy. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you have an accident, you may find yourself facing an uphill battle to get an insurer to pay out on your claim.