I feel like I ask myself this question every time I walk into a spin class. But by the time I walk out, I always know why. I’ve heard absolutely every reason for why people don’t spin or don’t like to spin. Getting to a spin class is sometimes as much pushing yourself out of your comfort zone as the actual class is. I have been to every kind of spin class you can think of; gyms, city recreation centers, and all different boutique spin studios. The thing about spin, is you absolutely have to find what you like. You can go to a class at one location and hate it, but try another and totally love it. You can also go to two classes at the same location with two different instructors and have a completely different experience. Almost anyone can spin, the trick is finding what you love. Some people just want to ride, others like the idea of incorporating full body components; whether it’s for a few songs or half the class. With all the different types of classes out there, there is definitely something for everyone.

During the summer months it is easy to understand that people who love to ride would prefer to be outside, but not so much in the winter months, which let’s be honest is most of the year in this city. Not everyone is brave enough to continue to play outdoors, which means if you still want to ride, you have to head indoors. Indoors means either you park your bike on a trainer or go to spin. If you are anything like me, I need someone or something inspiring me to really push my ride. Outside it’s the destination, but inside with no destination in sight, I need a different way to inspire my escape.