Over the years, forms of exercise that provide unique outlets for working out the body have become more popular. An example is yoga, a way to tone the entire body, while not having to deal with equipment. Equipment like weights, treadmills, ellipticals, and bench presses are not necessary while doing a yoga workout. Although yoga is not a high cardio form of workout, it is one of the most effective ways to build strength and tone the body’s muscles. There are especially a lot of yoga exercises and poses that are perfect for toning the body, and specifically for toning the arms.

Here are perfect yoga exercises for toning your arms:

  • Downward Facing Dog- One of the most popular yoga poses, even known outside of those practicing yoga, is a great way to tone the arms. By having your body in the downward arched pose, the arms are pushing the body’s weight over to the legs. This tension builds the weight on the arms, thus helping to tone the muscle. The downward dog position does a great job of working smaller, less used muscles, causing a higher level of a total arm workout.
  • Yogi Pushup- Known to be one of the most dreaded yoga exercises, the yogi pushup is definitely one that will make you break a sweat. But, it definitely works the arms! Starting in a plank position, and then lowering to where your hands are directly underneath the shoulders. From there your elbows will push up towards the ribs, causing a pushup like pattern. This yoga version of a pushup not only works the core like a normal pushup, but really engages the use of the biceps and triceps.
  • Plank- One of the most basic, yet challenging, yoga poses that will work the arms is a plank. The plank is one, long held position one holds the body in. It is completed by holding the body in a regular pushup position, but one where the arms of fully extended in their length. This position is then held for as long as possible, making it an endurance workout.
  • Cobra- One simple, yet straining yoga position is the cobra. It is also and endurance exercise, by laying on the mid stomach, and keeping the head aligned with the spine. The hands should be placed, palms facing down, right beside the upper waist. The goal is for the arms to hold up the upper half of the body, keeping it level with the lower half.
  • Table Dips- One of the best yoga exercises to build strength and tone specifically the triceps are the table dips. The table dips start with sitting in an upright position with the tailbone being placed on the floor. The arms should be extended behind the body with the legs and feet out right, in a sitting position. Use the arms to push up the tailbone, almost replicating a reverse pushup. For max workout, hold the position when tailbone is off the floor, which will tone the arms even more.
  • Side Plank- Ah yes! Another form of a plank. But, there is a reason behind the heavy presence of planks in arm toning workouts…they are effective. Side planks are started in the extended arm plank position, otherwise known as the high plank. Then turn sideways onto one foot so the body is horizontal to the floor. Place the unused foot on top of the primary foot, making sure to keep the body balanced. Then push the primary use arm into the floor, grounding the body. Raise the secondary arm to the sky, making sure to stretch the muscles.
  • Dolphin Pose- The dolphin pose does not only challenge the body, but stretches the core and arms. Start on all fours, with the elbows on the ground directly below the shoulders, and keeping the forearms parallel. Keep the elbows and forearms steady, and slowly start walking inward towards the core. Then walk back in reverse, and repeat this process.

All of these yoga positions are perfect for toning the arms, doing wonders for not only the arms strength, but also for the entire body, as a whole!



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