Yoga For Kids - Friendly Poses For A Peaceful Morning

Mornings with kids can be rough. They’re either tired, grouchy and are lagging to get ready for school; or they’re full of energy and into everything. No matter which one applies to your kids, you may find yourself dreading the first part of the day.

Instead of loathing the mornings, there is a way that you can get your kids on track, get them focused and get them (and you!) ready for the day that lies ahead in a peaceful, calming and inviting manner. How? – With yoga!

Yoga benefits kids in so many ways. It helps to build their concentration; develops awareness of their body; teaches them how to manage stress; increases their confidence and allows teaches them the importance of exercise – among other things.

Whether your kids are toddlers or pre-teens, here is a look at some simple, yet powerful kid-friendly yoga poses that will help to turn mornings into the best part of your family’s day.


The Mountain Pose

This is one of the simplest yoga poses, and it’s a great way to get kids grounded first thing in the morning.

To achieve the Mountain Pose, have your kids do the following:

  • Place their feet together, relax their shoulders, place their arms at their sides and stand tall.
  • Take a deep breath and then raise their hands over their heads, with their palms facing each other, reaching their fingers upward, to the sky.


Downward Dog

This is also a super easy pose for kids. It allows them to stretch their bodies (which is so needed after a long sleep,) calms their brains and provides a natural burst of energy.


To achieve Downward Dog, have your children:

  • Get on their hands and knees, and then walk their hands forward with their palms facing into the ground.
  • Have them bring their hips up toward the ceiling, while putting the weight of their bodies into their arms and feet, so that they are shaped like an inverted V.
  • Instruct them to take three full breaths while holding the pose.


The Bridge Pose

This is another simple pose for kids. It also helps them stretch their bodies while strengthening their core muscles.

Yoga (Bridge Pose)

To create the Bridge Pose, encourage your children to do the following:

  • Lie on their backs with their knees bent and their feet flat on the ground.
  • Rest their arms alongside their bodies and tuck their chins into their chests.
  • Lift up their hips and backs to the sky, creating a bridge-like position.
  • Have them hold the post while taking three full breaths.


Child’s Pose

This is fitting yoga pose for children. Child’s pose calms the mind and allows children to rest their bodies before getting into the business of their days.


To get into the child’s pose, have your children:

  • Get on their hands and knees, spreading their knees apart.
  • Instruct them to sit up straight and take a deep breath, then, as they inhale, bow their bodies forward so that their heads are placed on the floor in front of them.
  • Have them put their hands by their sides and reach back.
  • Hold the pose for a total of three breaths.

Have your kids engage in these simple yoga poses in the morning and you’ll be sure to get them on the right track for a successful day.


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