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  • 12 Amazing Benefits of Milk Thistle

    Milk thistle, otherwise known as Silybum marianum, or informally, as Saint Mary's thistle, is a medicinal flowering plant used widely for varying therapeutic purposes. It characteristically has distinctive purple flowers and white veins, which legend has it came from the drop of the Virgin Mary's milk on its leaves. Milk ...
  • 6 Fennel Seed Benefits To Look Out For!

    India's love for fennel seeds needs no introduction, the seed spice dominates a variety of dishes in our kitchens. A common practice amongst us is to have fennel seeds or saunf at the end of every meal to freshen the mouth, but you might need to give it a second ...
  • 8 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Healthy Cooking Super-Easy

    As a dietitian, I know that healthy eating boils down to two words: meal prep! Without a plan and some advance preparation, we resort to the easiest—and usually least healthy—food choices, like ordering takeout, hitting the vending machine, or grabbing a prepared meal at your local supermarket. But eating more than ...
  • Healthy foods

    Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies While Detoxing: 5 Best Foods for Detox

    When you think about drug or alcohol detoxes, the first step of getting clean is quitting the toxic substance. But that's only the beginning of the journey… A vital part of the detox process is to replace lost nutrients. A healthy diet can actually make it easier to avoid relapses ...
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