Netflix Originals have come a long way from having great plots and storylines to featuring the hotties and hunks of the industry. There was once a time that Netflix went through harsh criticism for its difference of acceptance and flop productions of shows. But all that has changed once it started getting the best directors, the fittest actors, and writers on board.

If you look at the best movies on netflix canada right now, you will find jaw-dropping actors and actresses, genius directors, and exceptional plots. In this article, we will take you through 10 of the fittest actors of Hollywood that have worked in Netflix Originals. Based on the success they got, these actors have been invited to do more seasons and movies from Netflix.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has come a long way from his wrestling days to entertain the crowds. His career roles have mostly been comedy, action, and adventure. Some of his most loved appearances come from his action-packed sequences in the Fast and the Furious franchise. 

If you’ve seen his Instagram, you know just how much work he puts in daily. His beast mode in a workout has been powered by the partnership with the US sportswear brand, Under Armour. He is one of the top actors in Hollywood and people are already anticipating the release of the upcoming Black Adam.    

Kevin Hart

The standup comedian has an incredible career in Hollywood. His serious acting has gotten him consistent roles in Netflix features like True Story and Fatherhood. His standup routines have been exclusively recorded and published on Netflix like Zero F**ks given, Best of Standup 2020, and Irresponsible.

While his height is comical, you will find him flexing his workout routine on Instagram. Being close friends with star Dwayne Johnson, he’s had a power-packed career and his fitness has given him the best shape in Hollywood.    

Ryan Reynolds

The audience goes crazy over Ryan Reynolds as the happily married father, springs into action in the Deadpool franchise. He’s the kind of actor you find enjoying life on set while putting in the work offscreen. His comedic appearance, his soothing rough voice, and hot bod can be best found in the Netflix Original Red Notice. 

Although he is the marketing lead of an alcohol company (Aviation Gin), he maintains a strict diet plan to keep himself fit and ready for his upcoming roles. 

Chris Hemsworth

Hollywood has many hotties in the Chris category, one of which is Hemsworth. The 1000-year-old man-God from the Avenger series has been the center of attention for his looks, deep voice, and charismatic looks. Netflix broke so many records when they featured him in their hit movie Extraction. 

Chris was born to play action movies and his body approves him for every villain/hero role in Hollywood. 

Chris Evans

Unofficially the dreamiest Chris of them all, Chris Evans has the enigmatic spirit and power to be the center of attention in the audience’s eyes. Anybody who named Captain America must have the body type and looks every American dream of. Netflix cashed in on his hotness by giving a serious role in the movie The Red Sea Diving Resort.

If you’ve seen the Avenger movies, you’d know how buffed and strong he is, and he continues to maintain his diet to be the number 1. 

Brad Pitt

Voted the sexiest man alive multiple times, Brad Pitt has maintained his fittest actors physique in every feature. This was probably why Netflix chose him to play the US Army General in the Netflix Original War Machine. His physique in Fight Club was the result of a carb diet and working out 5 times a week. He’s known for playing serious roles like in Moneyball, Se7en, Fury, etc. 

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the strong contenders with the body of a beast and the looks of a gentleman. Netflix got a huge thumbs up when they brought him in the movie ‘The Guilty’ as a lead role. He was adored in Nightcrawler and, ever since then, we can’t get enough of his amazing acting. 

Henry Cavill

Superhero movies have a hard time finding the right talent, but once they do, they cannot let the person go. The role of Superman has been played by many of the fittest actors in the past, but none perfected it more than Henry Cavill. The Man of Steel is an absolute beast in the gym and keeps up appearances on Netflix. 

Netflix’s Sci-Fi Original the Witcher got incredible ratings and love for featuring Henry Cavill. He was also in the feature Enola Holmes as Sherlock Holmes. 

Zac Efron

You might remember him from the High School musicals, but he has evolved so much beyond that rep. Evolving from a teenager’s favorite to the world’s favorite, he has made his mark in the industry. Those who’ve seen him in Baywatch know how unrecognizable he gets with those pecs. Netflix made a fortune featuring him in the flick Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile. 

The hot actor also got featured in the web documentary of Netflix Down to Earth, where he travels the world with a wellness expert. Zac is evolving profusely in serious roles and is planning to do so. 

Jason Momoa 

Wrapping up the 10 fitness freaks is the man DC opted to play Aquaman, Jason Momoa. This man has evolved from playing the sea hero to action-packed roles. Recently, he made the highlights in the movie ‘Dune’. Before that, Netflix got a chance to feature him in ‘Sweet Girl’ where he plays the role of a husband seeking revenge for his wife’s death. 

He also plays in Netflix’s successful drama series, Frontier, an outlaw campaigning to breach the Hudson Bay.


Looking at the list, I’d say you’ve got a lot of Netflix features to stream now. Some of the fittest actors are soon to hit Netflix with newer series and movies so stay updated to their social channels. Happy streaming!