College life in Canada is filled with lots of exciting and thrilling moments. An academic essay writing service,, says that the years students spend at colleges are full of nervous days, and it is quite important to find the time to care about health. A report by the institute of education sciences revealed that the years an average student spends in college will either make or mar them. Even though your years in college are packed with times of learning, there are still health challenges to face. From skipping breakfast (due to a busy schedule) to forgetting to keep up with regular exercise, college students are open to various health hazards that can negatively affect their studies. We’ll be sharing these tips into two parts; 6 general health promotion ideas and four specific ones. Here we have it! 

1. Eating Ideas

For most students, college needs are entirely on them. This includes feeding. To ensure that you’re duly energized throughout your time in college, ensure you practice the following;

Prioritize Breakfast

According to WEBMD, breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. This is essentially what fuels you for the task ahead of every day. If you are a student who’s finding it hard to wake up early to make preparations for breakfast, you may want to try some smoothie instead or some less heavy food like cereals. The objective is for you to take in vital nutrients that will sustain you all through the day.

Take Water

You may want to stay hydrated as you go through the day. Taking enough water is essential to your physical and mental health promotion. This can also shield you from culturing unhealthy eating habits and increase your energy level. An average of 15 cups of water for men and 11 cups of water for women will keep you boosted for the day.

2. Exercise Ideas

Healthy eating must be complemented by regular exercise. As much as you are focused on replenishing your body with vital foods, you must also be concerned about maintaining a proper body shape. Below are ways to go about it;

Early Morning Workout

Regular morning exercise would not just keep you fit for another day in college; it also relieves you of stress built up in your body the previous day. Studies by a body of research have revealed that good body performance has the propensity to enhance mental performance. An excellent way to achieve this is to set a daily routine for yourself and make sure you keep to it. Before you set off for lectures, ensure you do your morning workout.

Walk To Class

Get yourself psyched up for long walks to class on certain days. Instead of taking a bus, you can decide to exercise your body for the task ahead. This is often recommended for students who do not have enough morning workout sessions. The early morning walk will help burn built-up fat and increase blood flow in your body. 

3. Sleeping Ideas

Sleep is a luxury that is almost impossible for college students to access. However, amid everything, students are still advised to get enough rest. Let’s discuss some sleeping ideas for college students;

The Right Pillow Does It

When it comes to having healthy sleeping time, the type of pillow you use determines how peaceful you sleep. Whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the right type of pillow would enhance good sleep and keep you from tossing and turning all night.

Take a Nap

A 30-minute power nap after class can relieve you of stress and increase your energy level. You may not have all the time in the world to sleep as you desire, but a well-timed nap can help make up for long hours of a stress-filled moment in college.   

4. Physical Health Ideas


The number of surfaces that one comes in contact with, even as a college student, especially in Canada, is entirely on the high side. You always want to exchange pleasant handshakes, so it is almost impossible for students to maintain a steady hand washing practice. However, students can have a portable hand sanitizer to disinfect their hands after contact with any surface quickly.

Routine Checkup

Yes, a routine check-up saves a lot. Going for a regular health checkup will help you stay healthy and also prevent sickness from worsening. At your convenience, take out time to see a doctor for checkups and health advice.

5. Promotion of Mental Health

Mental health challenges are a major grievance among students. According to a national health body in Canada, more than 70% of college students struggle with mental challenges. These unfavorable stats pinpoint the importance of taking care of our mental health.

Below are a few ideas, that would enhance our mental health;

You are Limited

To start with, the very first things to understand as a student are your limitations. It is believed that every student, at some point, gets to their peak at handling stress. It is advised that you know your limit and work towards augmenting that limitation. Take rest when necessary, and most importantly, take it easy on yourself.

Normalize Taking Study Breaks

When you’re working on an assignment or a bulky project, set time for relaxation. During this time, you can preferably walk around or listen to some good music to keep you calm and prepared for the next study session.

6. Emotional Health

Relate With Someone

College can be so overwhelming with loads of issues to deal with. Some students are on the verge of depression, and an open-heart conversation will do just fine. Find someone trusted that you could relate with, and don’t be ashamed to discuss with such a person.

Get Involved

One sure way to improve your emotional wellness is to identify a cause in college that you feel good about, and then make yourself available to advance that cause. The joy of giving back to society will – to a large extent, help you lead a better life.

Other specific health promotion ideas include;

7. Be More Grateful

Grateful people are observed to experience better night sleep than overthinkers. Rather than settle for a life of worry and complaint in college, you could learn to prioritize your level of gratitude, as this will not only help you stay happy but healthier.

8. Get a Hobby

What would you happily do regardless of the surrounding situations? The answer to this question is one of the secrets to living healthy as a college student.  Hobbies are known to promote health through happiness. Amidst the overwhelming atmosphere in college, do not cease to do those things that make you happy all the time.

9. Set Daily Goals

You may have a perfect prospect about how to live your life in college, but without a daily monitor to constantly keep you in check, there’s a high chance that you will default on those prospects. Daily goals give you a sense of achievement and health promotion. 

10. Change is Imminent

College life is a whole new experience. At first, it can appear to be unbearable, but try not to allow the pressing to overwhelm you. Instead, admit the change and work with it to lead healthier life walks.