Any form of exercise keeps the body fit and the mind active. Only seasoned experts can figure out which regimes will offer the best results. If you are starting out, or have any doubt, then seek assistance from a trainer. Take admission at a gym near you, or if you can afford it, appoint a personal coach.

1. Mental positivity and elimination of depression

Contrary to popular belief, resistance training is good for women as well. Many assume that only men, looking for chiseled abs and buff muscles opt for strength training. Well! It is time to do away with all misconceptions. Resistance training is particularly good for women suffering from mental depression. It is a well-known fact that exercise or physical activities trigger the brain to release mood uplifting hormones. Resistance training will enhance this, and eliminate mental depression. Once depression is out of your system, you will feel empowered as well as confident about your life.

Experts at Harvard Medical School carried out tests on several subjects, who were asked to continue resistance exercise for at least ten weeks. At the end of the session, test results showed that people who joined training were better able to cope with depression that patient who opted for just rehabilitation.

2. Better insulin sensitivity

When body muscles develop a resistance to insulin, it pushes the patients towards Type 2 Diabetes. Doctors suggest balanced usage of medicine and therapy to combat this situation. Resistance training also proves beneficial in this. Regular physical training that involves muscle movement can eliminate insulin sensitivity, thereby offering you a better life.

3. Both bulk and strength

The popularity of resistance training is rising as it offers separate results for men and women. Both sexes have the same hormone-producing glands. But differences in the level of these hormones, present in their bloodstreams, cause dissimilar physical developments. Men desire to attain muscular body. Resistance training meets their requirements by triggering the brain to release more muscle hypertrophying hormones in bloodstreams. As for normal women, they desire a fit body, certain muscle tone, and body strength. Resistance workout is the best regime that offers all these benefits. Thus, even though their needs are different, both boys and girls can depend on resistance exercise.

4. Recover from illness or trauma

People tend to lose a lot of weight and muscle mass during severe ailments or trauma. More body mass means increased sources of amino acids, which come in handy during recovery. Resistance training increases lean body mass, which plays a pivotal part when patients are recovering.

5. Preventing osteoporosis

People start losing bone minerals, especially calcium, as they age. It brings forth issues like joint pain, low bone density, fragile bones and decreased bone strength. While other exercises offer healthy body and positive mind, they don’t do much to address this problem. Only resistance training will be able to save you from osteoporosis. Only mechanical force brings about proper development of bone mass and strength. This particular workout routine will enhance mineral makeup of bones.

6. Say “adios” to weight gain

Like most workout plans, resistance exercises’ main objective is to put a stopper on weight gain. Most overweight youngsters opt for strength training as it puts added pressure on the body. When a person is putting in an additional physical effort to life the weights, he/she is producing more heat. That, in turn, burns more body fat and paves the way for muscular development. If you want to look dapper in that expensive tuxedo on prom night, then put on your exercise T-shirts and jean shorts, and hit the gym today. Do consult with your gym instructor to keep overexertion or injuries at bay.

7. Better metabolism

Physicians suggest that basic metabolic rate of a sedentary individual will be lesser than a person who utilizes his/her muscles. High metabolism offers one the freedom to consume all sorts of foods, without worrying about becoming fat. People with high metabolism burn additional fat and produce more energy. Individuals, who work out in the gym, especially with machines and weights, have a better metabolic rate.



8. Strengthens heart and reduces sugar levels

Regular exercising has its benefits. Yoga and meditation keep your mind and body in balance. If you are looking for overall development of your body and health, then you need something extra. It is here that resistance training will come to the forefront. Regular and balanced mechanical force strengthens the heart muscles, which keeps cardiovascular problems at bay. A strong heart will regulate blood pressure better. Apart from this, resistance training also increases the potency of natural insulin, produced by the body. It has a direct effect on keeping blood sugar in check

9. Body flexibility and mobility

Resistance training will also prevent body stiffness. As we age, our bodies tend to lose its flexibility. But if you are an ardent fan resistance workout, then you need not bother about this. Regular strength training will offer you the flexibility of a 30-year-old man, even when you cross the “55-year-old” mark.

10. Enhances life expectancy

A quick look at the points mentioned above highlights that resistance training has several benefits. All these benefits are interlinked and work in unison to add value to your life. If your body and mind are healthy and in sync, and your system is free from chronic illnesses, then you will live for long. Thus, to sum it up, resistance or strength training increases the life expectancy of all humans.

When sealing the deal with any gym, make sure that all machines have adjustable resistance levels. Adjustable resistance levels will allow trainees to progress with time. Good tools and access to qualified guides will ensure your success at losing the unwanted flab with resistance training.