‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ are the first words that a child typically utters. It shows how lovely this parent-child relationship is. Their teaches their child what to do and what not to. Here are ten healthy habits that every parent should teach their children.

Habit: Make your foods interesting

Children love colorful things. They usually don’t want to eat certain foods. However, it is your job to make their food interesting. You can use rainbow coloured foods to serve to your children. They will love it for sure. In short, serve your food in an interesting way so that your child may feel enthusiastic about eating it.

Habit: proper breakfast

As a parent, you must have an eye on what your child likes for breakfast. Serve it to them and make sure they eat it. Never let them skip breakfast because it allows them to kick start their brain and provides the energy they need for the day. If breakfasts are not adequately taken, many diseases may occur to your child. So be cautious about your child’s health.

Habit: Exercise

Encourage your child to exercise regularly. Tell them to engage in sports such as cricket, football, rugby, etc. which will ensure him to stay healthy and active. Motivate them to perform in school sports activities which will not only help your child be pro active and healthy but also will make them enthusiastic and energetic. It will help shape their body in a healthy way.

Habit: Wastage of time

Your child should not kill time watching T.V on the couch. T.V. shows are addictive and it causes troubled sleep and obesity. You must make sure they don’t get obsessed with T.V. programs as they don’t allow your child to focus on other vital activities.

Habit: Hygiene

As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your child hygiene. They must have a habit of washing their hands regularly. If they sneeze or cough, they should be wary of nearby people as well. Teach them how infectious it can be if they sneeze or cough and spread germs. Have a friendly relationship with your children so they don’t feel embarrassed or hesitant to discuss their health problems.

Habit: Bathe

Bathing is vital to cleansing your body. However, children usually don’t want to get into the washroom to take a bath. It is your job to ensure they bathe regularly. If they are young, wash them with care. You can play with them in the pool too. In this way, they will feel happy and interested in making bathing part of their daily routine.

Habit: Brush your teeth

Your child should brush their teeth regularly. At first, they may feel it a bit boring, but continue to encourage them. Try explaining to them the significance of it and why it is so important to brush their teeth.

Habit: Regular Health checkups

If your child is not too young, you may have to take him to vaccination centres. Keep a record book so that you can keep track of which vaccine has been taken and at what time. You should also take them to doctors for health checkups regularly. They must feel that they are safe in your hands and will be healthy again with doctor’s care.

Habit: Build reading habit

Kids usually learn a lot from reading. It is your responsibility as their parent to build a reading habit in them. You can assign private tuition to make them a bookworm if they are struggling. They can help you with English tuition as well.

Habit: Teach positivity

Whenever your child feels low, you should encourage them with positivity. Give them optimistic vibes and never de-motivate them with negativity. They may feel a lot better if you show your support to them. Humbleness and politeness is key in this regard. In return, they will show positivity to you as well.



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