Whether you are heading to your Grandma’s country side house or cousin’s luxurious apartment in the heart of the city, a holiday shouldn’t stop you from exercising.

Workouts can be done from anywhere at any time by anyone. Take a look at this Garagegymplanner Infographic to learn the basic diet and fitness tips to kick start your fitness campaign on a great note.

By exercising few minutes a day, you will not only feel fresh and energetic but also look good in photos.

Here are some simple 10-minute workouts you can do from anywhere in your convenient time.

Legendary guide to fitness workouts

This Infographic – Legendary guide to fitness workouts – Was Created By Garagegymplanner



Cardio-barre workout – This is one of the best workouts to firm up your butt while pumping some fresh oxygen to the brain. Take a look at this 10-minute cardio-barre workout to learn how you can burn some unwanted body fat in 10 minutes.

PlyoJam dance workout – If you love dancing, this workout is for you. Shake up your booty, sweat more, and melt fat like butter by doing this simple workout few minutes daily.

Skydiver Lunge – Skydiver Lunge is one of the easiest floor exercises to burn fat off your beer belly and also to strengthen your back. Watch this short video to learn how you should get started with skydiver lunge for fat reduction around your belly.

Workout on an empty stomach in two sets of 12 reps each.


Are you feeling shy to wear sleeveless shirts because you have fat arms? If that’s one of your concerns, then we suggest you invest in a dumbbell. If you are looking to get started, try these simple dumbbell workout variations to burn fat and tone muscles around your biceps and triceps. If you wish to go a step further and develop bigger, wider shoulders, here is a simple 5-minute workout you can try at home.

There are very few fitness equipment that allow you to develop muscles in multiple areas – a dumbbell is one tool that helps you to develop stronger biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, and shoulders.


Whether you are looking to burn a few pounds off your pot belly or want to develop your flat tummy into a sexy, strong six pack Abs, here is a 10-minute Ab workout that can you can do at home.


Bikini bottom – Winter shouldn’t stop you from visiting sandy beaches if you’re fond of sporting bikinis. Here is an ultimate bikini bottom workout video that explains how you can develop firm, toned butts that any man will love.

Tushy Toner – Here’s another great workout you can try to keep your butt in great shape from a different angle. It’s an easy-to-do exercise you can do from anywhere at any time. Work it out just 10 minutes daily and see the result in a month.


Jiggle-free – You get the best out of a leg exercise when you warm up your inner tighs while toning your calf muscles. That is exactly what this workout helps you to accomplish.
Cardio kicker – if you are on the lookout for a quick exercise that can help strengthen your legs and tone your butts, then look no further than cardio kicker.

Warm down

Nope, you’re not resting back on the couch without a series of slow down exercises. Once you are done with the core workouts, make sure to switch to lighter exercises to slow down your heartrate before it goes back to its normal level. Simple exercises like walking, stretching, and mild jumping can help you cool down pretty fast. Professionals go for ice bath and body massage to help relax their muscles. However, as an amateur, it’s sufficient if you follow the workouts mentioned in the list above.

Once you’ve given these exercises a try, make sure to come back and share your experience in the comments. Cheers!

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