Are you a golf enthusiast looking for the perfect place to call home? Then look no further! Canada is overflowing with some of the best private golf courses in the world, and they’re all available to buy. From lush fairways to luxury amenities, each course offers something different that’s sure to please any golfer.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 10 private golf courses in Canada where you can purchase your dream home. From British Columbia in the west to Nova Scotia in the east, there are plenty of great options across our beautiful country. Whether you’re an avid player or just enjoy watching from afar, these incredible properties have everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

Get ready to tee off on your own little piece of paradise – let’s explore 10 private golf courses in Canada where homeownership awaits!

We Used The Price-To-Rent Ratio To Rank The Best Places To Play Golf In Canada

Are you looking for the perfect private golf course to call home? If so, then we’ve got your back! Our team of real estate journalists has scoured Canada for the best places to play golf. We used a sophisticated ranking system based on price-to-rent ratio to identify the top national golf clubs and long-tail courses. So if you’re ready to tee off in style, let’s get started!

We looked at some of the most popular golfing spots from coast to coast and conducted an extensive analysis of their fiscal performance over time. To ensure that our rating was fair and accurate, we considered factors such as average income per capita, population density, number of local amenities, and cost of living. The results were astonishing; with these criteria taken into account, some of the nation’s finest courses rose up above the rest.

Whether you’re looking for a scenic spot or just somewhere to practice your swing, these locations have something special in store. Head out today and find your dream home on one of these stunning courses – it won’t be long until you’re living like a pro golfer!

Private Golf Course With Real Estate In Canada

If you’re looking for a private golf course to buy property in Canada, there are several options available. From championship courses in St. George and Hamilton to club resort courses like Capilano and Beacon Hall, Canadians have the luxury of choosing from some of the best courses on offer.

Here’s a list of 10 private golf courses with real estate opportunities:

  • Devil’s Paintbrush Golf Club – Toronto, Ontario
  • Westmount Country Club – Kitchener/Waterloo region
  • Öviinbyrd Golf Club – Muskoka Region
  • National Golf Club Of Canada – Woodbridge, ON
  • St. George’S Golf And Country Club – Toronto, ON
  • Hamilton Golf And Country Club – Hamilton, ON
  • Capilano Golf And Country Club – Vancouver, BC
  • Beacon Hall Golf Club
  • Toronto Golf Club – Toronto, ON
  • Blackhawk Golf Club – Muskoka Region

These clubs all offer unique experiences for those who want to invest in their own slice of Canadian real estate paradise. With each one offering different levels of service and amenities based on price points and location as well as access to exclusive tournaments or events that can be enjoyed by both members and nonmembers alike. Whether it is an opportunity for family memories or just time away from life’s hustle and bustle; these private golf course properties provide a great investment opportunity for those wanting to make sure their hard earned money goes further.

St. George’S Golf And Country Club

St. George’s Golf and Country Club is an exclusive private golf course located in west Toronto, Canada. The club offers memberships to those who wish to purchase real estate right on the grounds of this magnificent course. As a member, you’ll gain access to the 18-hole championship layout as well as all of its many amenities.

The golf course itself has quite a history; it was established back in 1929 with the help of golfing great Harry Colt himself. Over the years St. George’s has developed into one of Canada’s premier courses, having hosted multiple Canadian Opens and boasting some of the toughest holes around. Other features include large practice greens, driving range and pro shop for equipment needs.

Membership fees are considered reasonable compared to other top-tier clubs in Canada, making St. George’s a desirable spot for those looking for luxury living combined with world-class golfing experience at their fingertips. With its rich history and excellent facilities, there’s no wonder why so many people flock here year after year!

Hamilton Golf And Country Club

The Hamilton Golf and Country Club is one of the most exclusive private golf courses in Canada, with an impressive membership rate of almost 50%. Located just outside of Hamilton, it’s been a popular destination for avid golfers since its opening back in 1894.

This prestigious club offers world-class amenities that make it a top choice for those looking to buy real estate near a private golf course. The grounds themselves are immaculately maintained, boasting lush fairways and stunning greens. There’s also an extensive practice facility which includes two putting greens and three chipping areas. In addition to this, guests can enjoy access to a fully stocked pro shop as well as locker rooms for members and their guests.

Not only does the Hamilton Golf and Country Club provide excellent facilities but it also features some truly remarkable holes on its championship layout. From the challenging par 5 Devil’s Paintbrush hole to the picturesque Capilano Par 3, there’s something here to please all levels of golfer. This is why many consider the course among Ontario’s best – along with Beacon Hall in Toronto and Westmount Golf & Country Club in London.

For those looking to invest in luxury real estate near a renowned Canadian golf course then Hamilton Golf and Country Club should certainly be at the top of your list. With its superb facilities, beautiful scenery and exciting challenges, this club provides everything you could ever want from a premier golfing experience.

Capilano Golf And Country Club

The Capilano Golf and Country Club is situated in Vancouver, BC, Canada and offers some of the most luxurious real estate options for private golf courses. This lush course provides incredible views of its surrounding greenery, with 18 challenging holes that make it one of the top-rated golf clubs in all of Canada.

This club has been around since 1926 and continues to be a favorite choice among avid golfers looking for an exclusive experience. The clubhouse includes a pro shop where you can purchase anything from apparel to equipment as well as two restaurants offering delicious meals after your round on the course. Whether you’re looking to buy homes or just play a few rounds of golf at this world renowned facility, Capilano has something special waiting for you.

Despite the high cost of buying a home in Vancouver, articulates that it is still worth every penny whether you are buying a condo, townhouse or a house. British Columbia is one of the most enjoyable provinces to play golf year round.

Beacon Hall Golf Club

Beacon Hall Golf Club in Canada is a private golf course that offers homebuyers an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle. Ranked 8th best club in the country, it is one of the most prestigious courses to buy homes from. With a price-rent ratio of 10.0, it ranks among the top for real estate value in St. George’s.

The club boasts world-class amenities such as:

  • A professionally designed 18 hole championship golf course
  • Full service locker rooms with spa facilities
  • An outdoor pool and Jacuzzi area
  • Multiple dining options including banquet halls and restaurants
    These features provide members with unmatched experiences while living at Beacon Hall Golf Club.

Whether you are looking for luxury or relaxation, this private golf course has something for everyone. From its breathtaking views to its numerous activities, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy your time here! Whether you want to play golf, relax by the pool, or dine out on the terrace, this is an ideal place to call home. Enjoy all that nature has to offer while being surrounded by exquisite beauty – experience life like never before at Beacon Hall Golf Club!

Devil’s Paintbrush

Building on the prestigious reputation of Beacon Hall Golf Club, a unique golfing experience awaits at Devil’s Paintbrush. Located in Caledon, Ontario, it is one of Canada’s premier private courses. With its rolling hills and lush fairways, this championship course offers an exceptional test for even experienced players. For those considering purchasing a golf home in Canada, Devil’s Paintbrush should be at the top of their list.

The exclusive club has hosted some of the country’s greatest amateur championships, including the Canadian Amateur Championship and several provincial tournaments. It also serves as host to many corporate events each year. The challenging layout features plenty of water hazards, sand bunkers and undulating greens that are sure to keep any golfer entertained during every round. Its signature hole is known as ‘Devil’s Golf’ and requires accuracy off the tee as well as precise approach shots into heavily guarded green complexes.

Purchasing a property here provides access to all areas of the facility – from dining to locker rooms – as well as members-only discounts for green fees and carts throughout the season. Plus, numerous benefits come along with being part of such an illustrious private golf community like Devil’s Paintbrush. From hosting guests to playing paintbrush golf against fellow members or enjoying special member social events; there really is something for everyone!

Toronto Golf Club

The Toronto Golf Club is a top-tier golfing destination for homebuyers in Canada. Established in 1876, this private club offers some of the finest courses and facilities around. Its flagship course is Glen Abbey, located just west of downtown Toronto. The championship layout has hosted numerous tournaments over its storied history, including four Canadian Opens. Oakdale and Lambton are two other well-maintained courses that offer challenges to all levels of players.

Scarboro Golf & Country Club is another exclusive spot near Toronto with an incredible heritage dating back to 1912. It boasts one of the oldest golf courses in North America and continues to be a go-to destination for members seeking a luxurious experience on the greens. For those looking to purchase property nearby, there’s no better place than Carruthers Glen Golf Course – part of the renowned McLaren Group portfolio. This exclusive 27-hole facility provides breathtaking views throughout every round as well as state-of-the art amenities such as fine dining restaurants, pro shops and practice facilities. Whether you’re searching for an intimate getaway or something more grandiose, these impressive clubs will have you feeling at home on the links in no time!

Westmount Golf And Country Club

Moving onto Westmount Golf and Country Club, a private course located in Canada, this is one of the more established golf courses in the country. The club has been around since 1949 and offers stunning views of the surrounding areas including St George’s Valley and Hamilton Harbour. It boasts an 18-hole championship level course with lush fairways and rolling hills that challenge even the most experienced golfer.

The real estate opportunities available at Westmount are quite varied; there are both homes for sale as well as lots to rent or lease. Prices vary depending on location but generally range from $400,000 – $1 million for single family homes. There are also numerous condos available starting from approximately $250,000 up to over $2 million for luxury units with lakefront access. Other nearby clubs such as Capilano, Beacon Hall and Devil’s Paintbrush offer similar options when it comes to purchasing properties or renting land for recreational purposes.

Westmount Golf and Country Club provides a great opportunity for those looking to own their dream home close to some of Canada’s best golfing facilities. With its beautiful landscape, exceptional service and top-notch amenities, it is no wonder why so many people choose Westmount as their preferred destination when buying property in Canada.

Blackhawk Golf Club

The Blackhawk Golf Club, located in Canada’s picturesque Muskoka region, is one of the most sought-after private golf courses in the nation. This exclusive golf club boasts a range of luxurious real estate options and amenities that will appeal to all types of buyers looking for an investment or residence:

  • Luxury homes & condos onsite:
  • Spacious two-story villas with large yards
  • Private condominiums overlooking the course
  • World class 18 hole championship course
  • Upscale clubhouse with dining areas, pro shop & lounge
  • Variety of outdoor activities like tennis courts and swimming pools

Blackhawk Golf Club stands out from other Canadian golf courses due to its commitment to providing members and guests with an unparalleled experience. From the meticulously maintained grounds to the attentive staff, this luxurious golf club is sure to fulfill any buyer’s dreams. Whether you are searching for a place to call home or merely a sound investment opportunity, Blackhawk Golf Club offers something for everyone looking to buy into their own slice of paradise.

Öviinbyrd Golf Club

Öviinbyrd Golf Club is one of the most prestigious private golf courses in Canada to buy a real estate. It’s located just north of Toronto, and its championship-level course consists of 27 holes over two 18-hole layouts. The club also offers practice facilities, including four putting greens, chipping green and bunker as well as a driving range with target flags. There are also several lakes that come into play on the course.

The features at Öviinbyrd make it an ideal spot for those looking to purchase their own private piece of paradise in Canada. With spectacular views from every hole and some challenging terrain, this exclusive real estate opportunity can provide you with countless hours of enjoyment golfing or simply admiring the scenery around you. For those who enjoy country living but still want access to all the city has to offer, Öviinbyrd is definitely worth considering when buying property in Canada.

The National Golf Club Of Canada

The National Golf Club of Canada is an idyllic paradise for those seeking a luxurious golf retreat. As the first Canadian-owned private golf club, this stunningly beautiful course serves as a haven to its members and offers unparalleled beauty and serene tranquility. With over 6,000 acres of lush greens set among rolling hills and meandering waterways, it’s no wonder that The National has become one of Canada’s premier destinations for golfers from across the country.

Built in 1965 by renowned architect Stanley Thompson, The National blends classic design with modern amenities to offer members some of the best golfing experiences around. Tee times are limited so you can be sure you won’t encounter any crowds or waiting lists when playing here. A variety of exclusive real estate opportunities surround the grounds including single family homes, townhouses, condos, and cottages – all offering fabulous views of the majestic landscape surrounding The National Golf Club of Canada.

Whether looking for a place to relax on your own or with friends and family, The National Golf Club provides a unique experience at every turn. From championship courses to upscale residential properties, there’s something everyone will love about this iconic Canadian destination. For anyone searching for their dream home amid breathtaking scenery in one of Canada’s greatest clubs – look no further than The National Golf Club of Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Cost Of A Home In A Private Golf Course Community?

Buying a home in a private golf course community can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But what is the cost? How much do you need to invest for such a purchase? In this article, we will explore the average cost of purchasing a home in a private golf course community.

When it comes to buying a golf course home, there are several factors that come into play when determining the price tag of your new property. These include location, size and features of the house itself, as well as other amenities available on or near the grounds.

The following list outlines some key considerations that go into setting prices for properties located within private golf courses:

  • Location: The closer you are to major cities and desirable locations, the more expensive homes tend to be. Additionally, access to transportation hubs and attractions may also factor into pricing.
  • Size & Features: Larger homes with additional features like outdoor living areas and guest suites typically command higher prices than those without these amenities.
  • Golf Course Amenities: Properties located directly on or adjacent to the course generally have higher price tags due their close proximity to all its accompanying benefits (e.g., clubhouses, pro shops, etc.). Accessibility to other services offered by the facility could also add value.

On average, buyers can expect to pay anywhere from $500K-$2M+ for a private golf course home depending on these various factors mentioned above. However, many communities offer financing options so even if one has limited funds, they might still be able to find something suitable within their budget range.

For prospective homeowners looking for luxurious residential spaces surrounded by lush greenery and scenic views—all while enjoying access to world-class facilities—a private golf course community can provide just that at competitively priced rates compared against similar offerings elsewhere in Canada’s housing market today.

Are There Any Restrictions On Who Can Purchase A Home In A Private Golf Course Community?

The current H2 question focuses on any restrictions or rules when it comes to purchasing a home in a private golf course community. Homeowners may be wondering if they have access to purchase their dream home at one of these exclusive communities, but are there certain buying rules that need to be followed?

When looking into purchasing a property in a private golf course community, homeowners should first familiarize themselves with the purchase restrictions and/or buying rules from the club. Most clubs will require potential buyers to provide proof of financial capability before being granted access for purchase. It is also important for buyers to research what type of amenities each golf course has as some courses offer more than others. In addition, homeowners should inquire about membership fees associated with the course prior to making an offer on the property.

For those who want to experience all that a private golf course community has to offer and make their dream home come true, understanding the purchase process and researching various courses is key. From understanding any purchase restrictions or buying rules set forth by the club, investigating amenities offered by each golf course, and getting informed on membership fees – doing your homework can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a stunningly beautiful private golf course community.

What Is The Average Cost For A Round Of Golf At Each Private Golf Course?

Are you looking for information about the average cost of a round of golf at private golf courses in Canada? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore golf-course-costs, private-golf-costs, and various other pricing details regarding some of the most exclusive golf courses in the country.

First, let’s take a look at what kind of prices one can expect when playing a round on these luxury greens. The typical rate for a single 18 hole round of golf at a private course is around $150-$200 CAD depending on location and time spent playing. On top of that, it’s not uncommon to find additional fees such as cart rentals or club rental charges which will add up over time. Of course, if you become a member at one of these prestigious clubs then you’ll be able to save significantly by taking advantage of discounts on green fees and other services provided.

Now that we have an idea about the cost associated with playing rounds on these luxurious courses, let’s turn our attention to how much it would cost to purchase real estate within their gates. As expected, buying property inside any private golf course community isn’t cheap – but investing here could prove to be highly rewarding both financially and socially! Golf-course-pricing varies from coast-to-coast across Canada; however based on current market conditions buyers should expect to pay anywhere from $500K for entry level properties all the way up into seven figures for more expansive homes situated close to the fairways. All in all purchasing property inside a private golf course provides unparalleled access to world class amenities and scenery like no other – money well spent indeed!

Are There Any Other Amenities Available At The Private Golf Courses?

Are there any other amenities available at the private golf courses? Yes, absolutely! When it comes to buying homes around private golf courses in Canada, expect to have access to all sorts of fabulous facilities and activities. From golf-shops and clubhouse restaurants to driving ranges and swimming pools, you’ll find something for everyone.

Tennis courts are also a common feature at most Canadian private golf courses, along with spa facilities for those looking for some rest and relaxation. Pro shops provide equipment for those wanting to practice their swing or take lessons from a pro golfer, while fitness centers offer more active ways of staying fit. Private lessons and even full golf academies give experienced players the chance to hone their skills.

So if you’re thinking about getting into this type of real estate market, you can look forward to not only beautiful views but plenty of opportunities too – whether that involves hitting the links yourself or simply enjoying everything else on offer!

Are There Any Restrictions On When Homeowners Can Access The Course?

If you’re looking into buying a house at one of Canada’s private golf courses, it’s important to know what restrictions are placed on when homeowners can access the course. Depending on the particular club, there may be age and residency requirements that must be met in order for an individual to become a member. In addition to these criteria, there could also be fees associated with opening up membership and gaining access to the course.

When it comes to times of day or year when members can use their rights as homeowners for golfing, this will vary from club to club as well. Some clubs may have strict rules about hours of operation while others might not impose any limits whatsoever. It is essential for potential buyers to do their research ahead of time so they fully understand all restrictions related to homeowner access before making a purchase decision.

It’s worth noting that many private golf courses offer discounted rates for members who live nearby, which serves as an additional incentive when considering whether or not a home purchase would make sense financially. As such, prospective buyers should take into account all costs associated with becoming a homeowner at one of Canada’s premier golf courses prior to signing off on anything.


As a real estate journalist specializing in private golf course communities, I can tell you that buying a home on one of Canada’s top 10 courses is an investment worth considering.
The average cost of a home in these exclusive neighborhoods ranges from $500K to over $2 million, depending on the location and amenities available. However, there are restrictions on who can purchase a property within the community – usually it needs to be approved by the board of directors first.
On-site amenities vary between each club, but all offer access to their respective golf courses for homeowners. Interestingly enough, some clubs even allow homeowners unrestricted access during certain times of day or year at no additional charge! In addition, most also provide other activities such as tennis courts and swimming pools.
In conclusion, if you’re looking for an upscale lifestyle with access to some of Canada’s best golf courses then investing in a home at a private golf course may be the perfect choice for you. With prices starting from just $500K and often including free rounds of golf or other attractive benefits – this could well be your dream come true!