It’s important for kids to learn what a healthy lifestyle is right from the beginning. Even though vegetables might look dreadful in their eyes, they will understand the benefits of good nutrition later in life. The same goes for physical activities. There’s no harm for your kid to start exercising, and we’ll see the 10 reasons that make it crucial.

1.     Controls Weight

Unfortunately, today’s kids have a rougher time than any other generation regarding nutrition. There are temptations everywhere on their way to school, in their neighborhood, and near their playground. This is because the fast food industry is more powerful than ever and it is the main reason why 17% of children are obese.

However, the little ones are always up for their next adventure. Their energy surplus can be easily redirected from indoor activities to a local gym or jogging. Once they keep their body active, the extra calories will burn quickly to fuel the new engaging lifestyle.

2.     Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

It is a well-known fact that children have a sweet tooth. They can’t help themselves when a friend or teacher offers them candy. This is how blood sugar level rises and kids become exposed to diabetes. However, a regular schedule of physical activities can keep this under control.

Simple exercises such as running, dancing, swimming, and hiking can increase the productivity of vital cells. This means that the body will perform its functions better and quicker, including turning sugar into energy for muscles.

3.     Keeps Arteries Clear

Together with fats, harmful cholesterol is one of the favorite targets of physical exercises. It is highly unlikely for kids to get affected by this condition. However, childhood habits can protect them from illnesses throughout their entire life. Daily exercise will also increase the flexibility of vessel walls, which will safeguard kids from strokes or heart attacks for a long time.

4.     Strengthens the Heart

Our heart is nothing but muscle. Even though it is a vital organ, it functions the same way as all others. It loses its strength during a sedentary period. Physical effort will pressure the heart to pump up more blood to fuel the body with oxygen which requires a more intense activity than usual. Since it shares similar properties to other muscles, the heart will adapt to the effort which will ultimately make it stronger.

5.     Strengthens Bones

One of the most common problems that affect us is osteoporosis. While this condition isn’t apparent when we’re young, it does develop its roots from childhood.  It’s the proper time to build a solid mass of bones. This vital process will stagnate at the age of 20. After that, our skeleton will start getting thinner and thinner until it reaches a high point of fragility.

It’s why it is important for a child to lead a healthy life and augment the bone building process. Of course, daily exercises represent a viable solution. The bones are pulled sideways by muscles during training which strengthens them and stimulates bone-making cells.

6.     Improves Quality of Sleep

Kids need their good portion of sleep more than anybody. Their body goes through an important period of growth, and its functions work harder than ever. Sleeping allows the brain to orchestrate its duties more efficiently now when the kids are not using their body all the time.

However, once time for bed kicks in, the little tot may still have a surplus of energy. This will make it harder for them to reach a state of relaxation which is required to fall asleep. However, if they are performing enough activities during the day, the exhaustion will facilitate a deep sleep. The little one will grow strong while dreams will keep him or her entertained.

7.     Reduces Depression

Most children experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Everything appears bright or dark in their curious sparkling eyes. However, exercises increase the level of endorphins in their bodies. These are chemicals created by our system when the body goes through exertion. They help make the pain, stress, and depression go away. They act similarly to medication, except they have no side-effects. Endorphins will ensure a happy mood.

8.     Creates a Healthy Habit

Most adults find it hard to take up sports when they have never trained before. In order to start an active lifestyle, a person needs more emotional than physical effort. Creating a new habit requires determination, persuasion, and commitment.

However, if people start exercising at an early age, they are more likely to stick to the routine throughout their whole life. Building a daily physical routine cannot survive without discipline. You can teach your kids how to blend school and training, which they will find it easier to replicate in their future as adults.

9.     Builds Stronger Relationship

Especially for team sports, kids will have to learn to cooperate to achieve success through physical effort. These interpersonal skills are vital for a better adaptation in a community. Humans are social beings, and they thrive when they have many healthy friendships. So, by simply practicing team sports, your kid will learn how to get along with new people and have a healthier social life.

10.Develops Motor Skills

Kids can seldom be seen in a static position. They are always fidgeting and looking to discover all the mysteries and pleasures of the world. Movement is their way to understand their surroundings, form friendships, get to experience a new thing or activity. More schools are becoming advocates of the idea that the kids’ process of learning should happen through practice. Physical exercises will develop their motor skills which will ultimately increase their intellect.

So, these are the 10 reasons why exercises are crucial for your kid. Let them choose the kind of physical effort they enjoy best and support them every day.


Author Bio:

Patrick Lenhoff is a bodybuilder, nutrition expert and a personal trainer. Patrick is focusing his research and work on everything related to kids, and he believes that they are 100% our future. “I want to help parents raise their kids in a healthy way.”, says Patrick. Patrick is a contributor at FitnessTechPro.