The weather might be getting colder but we are Canadian! Were used to it and it doesn’t stop us from continuing activities outside!

Here are my best tips to stay active throughout the fall and motivated!

  1.  Invest in the proper attire. Nothing worse than being cold or uncomfortable while trying to do some form of activity. Gym hoodies can help with this. My go to’s. A vest makes it easier to stay warm without over-heating. A pair of warm waterproof outdoor runners. Nothing worse than wet muddy shoes when hiking.  A pair of waterproof pants that slip over your clothes. Layering is key when exercising outdoors you will work up a sweat and can take off the layers.  
  2. Make a commitment to do one activity before dark. Days will be a lot shorter and you will want to stay in and cozy up. Don’t fall into bad habits.  After work or school make it a point to go on a walk or bike ride as soon as you get home from your day.  
  3. Take advantage of pumpkin patches and apple picking.  
  4. Go on local hikes in your area.  There are so many hiking trails all over Canada and can get you doing double the steps your used to in a day.
  5. Outdoor amusement parks stay open till mid Fall.  Amazing exercise even if you don’t do the rides.  
  6. Start a new hobby on the weekends that will keep you active.  Indoor swimming, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Dancing… anything that keeps you moving.  Everyone has an hour a day. The family can join all together.  
  7. Make Fall Goals. Make a goal from September to December. My best transformations are during those months and its because my members know they dont want to wait until January to make those resolutions. Start getting active and staying active now. 
  8. Fall comes with 2 major holidays. Thanksgiving and Halloween. Be mindful leading up to Thanksgiving and after.  It’s a holiday weekend, don’t let it snowball into a holiday week. Do something active the day of.  

Don’t over do it, we all know what’s coming around the corner, Christmas!.  My advice is don’t keep Halloween candy before or after Halloween. You will eat it. Get it out of the house.   

  1. Meal prep. Fall comes with lots of comfort foods that we can easily over indulge in. Make it a point to meal prep for your lunches.  Plan your dinners. Don’t just wing it. With the change in seasons we crave comforting foods and that’s usually when the over eating begins. It will spill over into winter…
  2. Establish new habits, new routines. If you don’t have one make one.  You won’t love it at first but it will keep you healthy and active if you make a plan and stick to it. The first step is deciding.  

Fall Workouts that are Sue Approved 

  1. Flag football with the family or with friends.
  2. Outdoor boot camp or obstacle course.  Make it up. Grab some pilons from the dollar store and space them out anywhere.  Write exercises at each one in erasable marker. Do it alone with a partner or as a group.
  3. Basketball game at a local park or school.  You just need a ball.
  4. Cycling outdoors. You can rent bikes in most any major city now.  
  5. Hiking 
  6. Kayaking or Canoeing or paddleboarding 
  7. Jogging 
  8. Rollerblading at the beaches. 

Fall activities that are a hidden workout 

  • Hikes on trails.
  • Pumpkin patches and hay-rides.  Make it fun lift a few pumpkins.  Jump on some hay.
  • Amusement parks or fall fairs. Tons of walking.
  • Climbing stairs at a park.
  • Maple syrup collection at conservation parks.  They can have tons of walking.involved on all different types of terrains.
  • Just take a walk, daily

Author Bio

Suzan Galluzzo is a GTA-based transformation specialist, nutrition expert, Reebok ambassador and owner of two studios who strives to teach clients how to transform their body and mind using exercise and nutrition. She works with all types of women and men with various backgrounds, goals and abilities. By teaching easy-to-follow, results-oriented tools and techniques on how to change the way you live, eat, and think, Sue is there to guide and cheer her clients on every step of the way. Her warmth, calm demeanor, dedication and passion to helping people improve their lives are just a few qualities that set Sue apart from other industry professionals. Her direct “no-nonsense” approach – she is blunt and does not sugar coat – to diet and fitness plans ensures success for those looking for permanent transformation from the inside out.