Sometimes you can get sick just by being in a room with an infected person. Diseases transmitted through the air are called airborne diseases. The virus or bacteria of these diseases are transmitted through tiny dust particles or respiratory droplets from the infected individuals. Being very small in size, the infectious particles can remain in the environment for quite some time.

Unlike most other diseases, you can get airborne diseases without any direct contact with another person or insect. Unless you apply the appropriate preventive measures, you can get infected at any place, any time. This makes it very important to detect and prevent the airborne diseases at their early stages.

In order to detect the disease, you need to know the exact signs and symptoms of airborne diseases. And then, you should also know which steps can prevent these diseases from spreading. The following infographic provides all this information in one place.

It will inform you about the effects and symptoms of 11 deadliest airborne diseases and how to prevent them.

11 Deadly Airborne Diseases You Should Know About

Courtesy of: Antibacteria Facemask