Everyone has a certain number of habits. But not all of them prolong life and make our existence happy. Certain habits can seriously harm your health, and you do not even notice. It happens because they have become your way of living.

However, in this article, we will bring to light those harmful habits that can severely damage your health. 

Habits You Need To Get Rid Of

Here are those habits you should give up immediately. They provoke many diseases, worsen appearance, and well-being. You might not even notice them because you have made them a part of your life.

1. Putting Off Going To The Toilet

We are busy people. It is not always possible to go to the restroom right away, or sometimes we are just lazy to go. Or you want to finish reading an interesting article on the Internet. When the bladder is constantly overflowing, microcracks form on its surface. Pathogens can develop in them. This can cause long-living itching, burning, and costly treatments.

For avoiding this situation, you should never hold your pee. Go to the bathroom right away; even if you are doing something important, leave it, and run. Otherwise, it can harm your health.

2. Dragging Your Phone, Laptop, And Tablet To Bed

It is very convenient to surf the Internet and look for information in a warm bed and not at the table. But this habit spoils our eyesight because we often use gadgets with the lights off. And the spine also suffers because we keep the neck and head in an unnatural position.

Moreover, it also spoils our sleep quality. In some situations, it also leads to insomnia. If you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep as well as maintain good eye health, leave this bad habit right away.

3. Consuming Alcohol Excessively

When we go to parties, we get off-track and start to consume alcohol excessively. As time passes, this develops into a bad habit of abusing alcohol, which is deadly. Moreover, many people start trying different drugs to increase pleasure.

But remember, by doing such things, you are not only spoiling your own health, but also the health of your family. Therefore, prepare yourself for treating substance abuse either yourself or with the help of some specialist.

4. Doing Several Things At The Same Time

Multitasking is appreciated in the modern world. We have learned to distribute our attention to several objects. But this habit provokes a distracted attention syndrome. It is especially harmful to children and adolescents. Due to this, a person is not able to focus on anything. Moreover, along with health, the performance also deteriorates. 

5. The Habit Of Snacking

What’s wrong with it? Nothing if there is a feeling of hunger. But the trouble is that people reach for a sandwich even when their stomachs are full. It gradually stretches, and then each time, we are forced to consume more and more food. In this way, our appetite increases; as a result, we over-eat and start to gain excessive weight.

6. Vegan And Raw Food Diet

It is commendable if you protect animals and do not eat animal products. But health will not be strengthened because of your moral principles. The fact is that the human body cannot fully exist without animal fats and proteins. Researchers proved that vegans gradually decrease their immunity, and their vitality also deteriorates. Therefore, rely on a balanced and a mixed diet.

7. Working At Night

This is an unnatural schedule. Man lives in harmony with natural rhythms. Nature provides that the time after sunset is for rest. Of course, we cannot afford to go to bed as soon as dusk falls. But you simply have to give yourself 6-8 hours of full sleep. So turn off your laptops at night and sleep on time.

8. Reading While Eating

Previously, people sat at the table with a newspaper or magazine. Now it’s the turn of smartphones leading the list of bad habits. While reading, we get distracted by information and completely forget about eating. Chances are, instead of one bowl of soup, you’ll eat half a pot. Therefore, do not overload yourself with extra reading at lunch.

9. Listening To Music With Headphones 

Not only young people wear headphones. People of middle and even older age do not part with this device. Yes, when traveling or playing sports, music can help distract you. But adjust the volume carefully.

Deafening music leads to partial hearing loss. And the constant listening to music on headphones scatters our attention. So put the gadget aside during work and study.

10. Ignoring The Bra

Modern fashion is skeptical about the bra. Fashionistas try not to wear it again. For girls with modest breasts, the lack of a bra does not harm. But the gifted ones need a bra. Without it, the chest begins to sag, and during active movements, discomfort in the chest area may occur. Therefore, do not ignore wearing a bra, or you will have to face serious consequences.

11. Poor Posture

Good posture promotes good health but poor posture can be a habit. Yes, if you do not sit properly, a hump will appear on your neck. Moreover, when we hunch down, our internal organs gradually shift. For example, due to scoliosis, the lungs and heart begin to shift slightly, their functionality gets sharply reduced.

Also, problems with posture can provoke unbearable burning pain. Even sleep is impossible just because the back hurts so badly. Therefore, work on your posture before it’s too late.


If you want to stay healthy, get rid of these eleven addictions immediately. These poor habits will ruin your health. Save your body, and don’t ruin it. Moreover, those who want to live long and healthily should pay special attention to this article and work on themselves to improve their lifestyle and habits.