When you think about your health, you have to cover numerous factors which usually fall into two categories: diet and exercise. Now in these two categories, you find numerous aspects and types that one considers in accordance to the body types and goals. Diet and exercise usually go hand in hand so it is essential that you pick the right combination for you.

One of the things your body needs and are probably not aware of is stretching. You may scoff and wonder, “Why would I need stretching?” but you can ask any fitness fanatic how stretching is the foundation you have to establish before you take on any other exercise. There are many reasons as to why stretching is important but it is understandable that majority are unaware of them.

Usually, you stretch in bed after waking up and yawning away your sleep deprivation. But otherwise, if you go to the gym, you know that stretching before hitting the machines is very important otherwise you may pull a muscle. Stretching has different types, whether it is yoga, dynamic or what not. But other than this very well known benefit, there are so many others that one should be aware of.

So this is where 11 reasons why you should start stretching right away steps in! Do not worry, you do not have to stretch to read this. But you will definitely want to stretch after it.

1. Improves Your Health

Well, is this not self-explanatory? Stretching is linked to help improve your health in numerous ways which include aspects such as the heart, blood pressure and respiratory system. So if you feel you get stressed often and it affects your body, stretching can be a wonderful way to deal with it. Consider stretching as exercises where not only your body receives some flexibility and tension release, but so does your mind. Your entire system comes together as stretching utilizes different muscles and helps relieve them of the tension they were burdened with.

2. Lowers Your Stress

Now as you may know, every individual is stressed in one way or another. Whether it is due to work, family, friends, relationships, studies or whatever comes to your mind. Getting stressed is pretty common and sadly, very easy. Individuals implement different stress coping mechanisms to ensure their mind or body does not collapse under the weight of all the tension they are put under. This may result in all kinds of problems such as anxiety, sleep deprivation, low appetite and fatigue.

To help decrease your stress, stretching can be very helpful. You can couple stretching with some very calm meditation or mindful techniques. This helps relieve your mind and muscles from the internalized stress. However, you can improve the quality of your life and overall health of your body by improving the glutathione levels, a potent product can make a huge difference, learn better in GRS Ultra review. Consider a rubber-band being pulled as hard as possible and then let go of. It is so relaxing and stress free suddenly. Stretching does the same for your body.

3. Reduces Your Risk For Injury

As mentioned before, this is a very well known benefit of stretching. Before you take on any weights or head out for a run, do yoga or some cardio, stretching is essential. You can also enrich your unforgettable yoga experiences on Tripaneer. Consider stretching as a warm up for your body before it gets started on the heavy stuff. It warms up your body and elevates your body’s functionality to make sure it meets the standards for your main exercises.

If your body temperature is lower than what would be required for the exercise, your muscles would basically be cold. This would result in your muscles or tendons being easily injured with some sprain or a possible rupture. Now obviously, you would not want that. So you stretch your way to the machines or track and make sure your body is first physically ready for the next thing. You cannot enter unprepared like that.

4. Decreases Your Stiffness and Pain

Cramps are insert-every-bad-word-you-can-come-up-with. But no, for real, cramps are a nightmare. You often hear that cramps means the exercise is working and things are going good, your muscles are responding and what not. But to be honest, you want to get rid of these cramps as fast as possible. It is one of the many things you do not look forward to after some intense training or exercise.

Cramps usually are a result of your muscles being put under some excessive tension. Whether you are naturally a physically stiff person or if it is because of some bad cramps, stretching can really help you out. It helps decrease stiffness and increase flexibility of your muscles. Moreover, stretching can also help your body deal with certain pains that you have put up with for too long.

If you find yourself suffering from chronic discomfort or pain in your back or neck, stretching can be very helpful for you. So it is advised that individuals who suffer from this ailment stretch often to relieve themselves of this discomfort and pain.

5. Improves Your Blood Flow and Circulation

Hello, healthy body! Blood flow and circulation is essential for so many things that it would probably need an article of its own for you to read. But to summarize, blood flow and circulation ensures that your muscles and organs receive the nutrients and all the other important itty bitty things required by them. Low blood circulation or flow sometimes causes your body to just seize, faint and you usually find yourself waking up after a blackout.

Moreover, you may suffer from certain respiratory issues if your blood circulation and flow is not how it should be. And do not forget that if you are looking to get some gains from the gym, your muscles need enough oxygen and nutrients. And that is possible because of the blood flow and circulation.

Stretching helps improve both these things due to the regular training you put your body through for flexibility. Like it was mentioned before, stretching gets your body warmed up as well and that is because of the consistent and improved blood flow going through your body.

6. Your Range of Motion Improves

Number 6 on the list of reasons as to why you should start stretching as soon as possible is as easy to understand as ABC. Your joints usually have certain limits as to how much they can work and are usually restricted to a certain level. This obviously varies from person to person. But if you want to enhance your motion’s range, stretching is the way to go.

All those main joints in your body get a major boost in their motion range when you stretch regularly. Not to mention, different self-care strategies when paired with stretching can have a much greater effect. This includes using a possible foam roller when you try out some Myofascial release on your own. That is known as an alternative to all the medication you would have to gulp down in efforts to treat any skeletal muscle immobility and pain that you may be suffering from.

The release is achieved by relaxing those contracted muscles you walked around work with. Furthermore, it also helps treat that skeletal muscle immobility by improving your blood circulation as mentioned before and your lymphatic circulation too. Lastly, it also ensures that the stretch reflex in your muscles is properly stimulated. Thus you will find yourself with improved motion range, especially when it comes to your hip and shoulder joints which are designed to go through most of the work.

7. Decreases Joints’ Wear and Tear

Your muscles have the tendency to get tight as they tense up or are put under stress. Even naturally, muscle contraction is present. However, if they are tense and tight for too long, they can have a bad effect on your body. This comes in the form of weakening the opposing muscles which then causes certain structures and joints in your body to go through the horrible process of wear and tear.

To make sure your body is functioning and moving on an optimum level, stretching is important as it helps balance both sides of the joint. This means that the joint can now move better and more freely as the amount of push and pull from each side of the joint is now equal. So you can say goodbye to wear and tear if you take up stretching. Sounds like a good deal, no?

8. Improved Function and Performance

Hitting two birds with one stone as number 8 of reasons as to why you should stretch comes up. If you are a fitness fanatic or just into maintaining your health at its best, you will definitely take up stretching as part of your regular routine. All that flexibility allows your body to improve its overall performance by increasing the strength, agility, power and speed of your body. Your muscles get a major glow up, basically.

Moreover, if you have a routine where you find yourself sitting often or repetitive movements, your muscles are most likely tense and quite contracted than they should be for too long. If you have a poor posture, such as a hunching or such, even then the tense and chronic tightness can cause your precious muscles to turn weak and tender. To guarantee that your muscles and body is better able to handle the different stresses it is put under during your exhausting routine, you may want to take up stretching.

All that flexibility training you include in your regular stretching routines can help improve the functionality and response of your body to those pesky stressors.

9. Boosts Your Quality of Life

Majority run away from the many downfalls of aging. And they try their best to ensure their body stays as young as possible no matter what the age is. Obviously, as you age, your body goes through numerous changes which may not be all too good sometimes. To make sure your body stays young and you live for a possible greater age than you would have previously, stretching can be great.

Stretching helps your body’s flexibility range at whatever age you may be or will be. And all those motion exercises and regular stretching may grant you the wonderful benefit of an improved quality of life. So not only may you live longer, but live better too.

10. Improves Fine Muscle Coordination

If you are a clumsy Carrie/Carl, say no more. According to a few studies, some experts have deduced that stretching can actually help improve your balance by enhancing your fine muscle coordination. They took a bunch of students and basically divided them into two groups. One group stretched before they went on to place themselves on a stabilometer while the other just sat and then had their turn.

It was noted that those who stretched for 30 minutes before doing this actually stayed longer on the contraption in comparison to those who just sat around. Sorry, couch potatoes! By making some minor muscle and balance adjustments in their body with stretching, the first group had better balance due to improved fine muscle coordination. So if you worry about tripping or tumbling down too often, stretching may help you out.

11. Gets You Fresh and Ready to Go

Numerous individuals have trouble getting out of bed when they wake up. And that is very common and understandable. But it can be a hassle if you have places to be and things to do, but your body is too tired and your mind is still sleepy. Well, stretching helps waking your body and mind up so you can get going to do whatever you want. Whether it is 8 am or 4 pm, you can find yourself fresher than usual if you stretch before.

With your blood flow improved throughout your body and your muscles relaxed for a new day full of all kinds of stressful situations, you feel ready to go. So just take a few minutes out to stretch before you head out and maybe you will save up on all that money spent on 5 cups of coffee.


And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. You now cannot say that stretching has little to no benefits because you just read 11 perfectly good reasons as to why you should get up right now and stretch. Keep your body and health as a priority which means ensuring you give it the best treatment, especially if it is natural. If you can, why should you not? Stretching is very relaxing so it does not take much effort or strength. The output is much greater than the input. So try out some different stretches and see what areas you want to work on.

If you have any feedback, comments or questions, feel free to reach out and let us know!