Working out is one of the best ways to lose weight by burning up calories. You may also follow a lot of strict diets to help the process along, but the good thing is that you don’t have to stop drinking wine to maintain your waistline. 

Have you tried considered incorporating your favorite drink in your fat-burning activities? If not, then you might be in for a treat. You may not be aware of this, but wine releases endorphins that serve as a reward and motivation for working out. 

Wines contain ellagic acid that comes from the fermented grapes, which work to dramatically slow the formation of fat cells. This boosts the metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells. However, while the ellagic acid in wine only slows fat growth, it doesn’t burn fat. That’s where working out becomes handy. These two activities allow you to shed pounds while having fun. Grab a large glass of wine from Usual Wines or your favorite local liquor store to get started with this fun combination!

Read on for the 12 best workouts that you can easily do with wine and wine bottles. These routines are very easy to follow and can be done indoors. 

1. Yoga

Practice for around 30 minutes to 1 hour. Yoga is a mind and body practice that follows the ancient Indian philosophy, while practicing physical postures, relaxation, and meditation. Doing wine and yoga together will help you focus even more, and find inner strength and balance. It’s also a great warm-up to get your body ready for more strenuous exercise without causing any strain or injury and a great cool-down to ease yourself out of exercise mode and back into relaxation mode. 

2. Deep Squat Pass

Squat still for 1 minute. The deep squat with a wine pass combination is a very simple and effective warm-up for your full-body workout. To do this, start by standing with your feet shoulder-length apart. Then, slowly bend your knees and make sure that they don’t stick out past your feet. As you do this, gradually incline your torso forward and focus on lifting your core while squeezing your butt and twisting your waistline around in order to pass the bottle.

3. Pass The Wine

Do it for 1 minute. The passing the wine exercise is a good way to wake your obliques and attack your ‘muffin tops.’ If you’re a beginner, keep both of your feet rested on the floor; if you’re intermediate, try flexing them; if you’re advanced, lift your legs up. Gently twist your torso from one side to the other while passing the bottle from your left hand to the right. You may start slow and eventually progress to a more rapid pace to boost your metabolism.

4. Plank And Balance Pour

The plank and balance pour is one of the simplest workouts for wine lovers intended to be done for one minute. Holding a plank is considered to be one of the best ways to work on your core. Pouring the wine while you deep bend triggers the muscles that support the knee.

To start with this workout, lift and tuck your stomach in, and elongate your spine. Steer your chin away from your chest to avoid neck and jawline tension. For the wine pouring, keep your supporting knee bent and your core tight for more balance. 

5. Rainbow Kicks

Start by doing 20 reps on each side, with the goal of eventually building to 60. Let your abs, glutes, and hamstrings do the work in this quick but body-burning workout.

Position yourself as if you were going to hold a plank. Then, lower one knee to the ground for stability. With the other leg, move up and over a wine bottle. Keep your hips still and avoid using your lower back while kicking your leg over the bottle.

6. Wine Sit-Ups

Practice for 1 minute on each side. Hold a bottle between your hands and use your core to lift yourself into a sit-up. Be sure to clench your abs in as you sit up and remember to keep your feet planted while repeating this simple yet effective routine.

7. Wine Wall Sit

Sit still for 3 minutes. This might be one of the oldest and most common type of exercise, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to strengthen your abs and lower body. 

Keep your feet under your hips while you slide your back down the wall. Be sure to keep your hips in line with your knees. You’ll start noticing your legs beginning to burn as you press your feet into the floor. Hold your stomach and keep both of your shoulders relaxed while slowly bringing a bottle to your chest and then pressing it out.

8. Tricep Burns

Do 20 reps on each side. This workout will help improve endurance and strength in your triceps. Start by bending your elbows, followed by squeezing in your arms to frame your face, then lower and lift the bottle. Repeat this for 3 times each side for an added triceps heat.

9. Chest Press

Do 20 reps on each side. Melt those extra calories and fire up your glutes with the chest press workout. Put both feet on the wall, making sure one leg is bent at a right angle while the other is held straight. Don’t roll up onto your shoulders as you move up and down. Squeeze your glutes as you lift and repeat this 3 times on each side. Supplement this routine by adding the wine bottle chest press to sculpt your upper body.

10. Curtsy Wine Twist

Do 20 reps on each side. Practice this workout by keeping your feet together with your knees bent and toes separated. Square off your hips as you curtsy. Your leg muscles and waistline should fire up as you repeat this three times.

11. Dancing Kicks With Wine

Dance for 1 minute on each side. Experience a full-body burn while improving your balance and muscle control with this workout. With one foot planted on the ground, lift the other knee up and then kick out, extending your aligning arm holding the bottle as you do so. Keep your supporting knee slightly bent to avoid locking it. Pull your knee into your abdomen each time you lift your leg.

12. Side Donkey Kick

Do 20 reps on each side. This works on your sides and supporting arms while kicking. While resting one forearm and one knee on the ground, lift your other arm and leg into the air and, while holding a bottle, simultaneously kick out your leg and pump out your arm. Hold your core tight and keep your chest out to maintain balance. 

The Takeaway

As counterintuitive as it seems, working out and drinking might be the right activity for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. You don’t need to avoid the wines you love just because you need to start shedding pounds. Drinking wine is already fun, but drinking while keeping the calories burning is another level of enjoyment. Besides, wine has a lot of health and stress-relieving benefits for the body. So, what are you waiting for? Get your glasses clinking now and start pouring your favorite wine! Cheers!