The pandemic – and the lifestyle changes that lockdowns and social-distancing restrictions have triggered – has changed everybody’s exercise habits. Today, three in five Americans say that they don’t need a gym to keep up with their fitness goals, and over 50% of fitness enthusiasts are enjoying working out from home. 

While these trends have started as a response to gym closures and travel restrictions, studies believe that gyms are now an obsolete concept. While we can’t even begin to imagine the consequences of this trend, there is something that plays in your favor: if your fitness-enthusiast friends must work out from home, they need equipment. 

And, if they need equipment, there are more opportunities for you to find the perfect gift for their needs. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. 

A Smart Fitness Watch

The debate on whether a fitness tracker can effectively boost your health is still ongoing. At the same time, smartwatches and fitness trackers have become extremely important for result-driven fitness enthusiasts. 

In fact, tracking calories burned, heart rate, miles run, and nutrients intake can act as a powerful motivator for people to reach their health goals. With even more affordable options populating the market, a fitness tracker has become one of the most sought-after gifts for fitness lovers. 

A Yoga Mat

Thanks to the ability of mindful practices to keep at bay stress and anxiety, these abilities have become exponentially more popular during the pandemic. Among the many benefits of this discipline is that you need almost nothing to get started: just pick a YouTube video and a yoga mat and get into your flow! 

A yoga mat – especially those models made in bamboo – is a great option for beginner and expert yogis. And, if the present is for your other half, be sure to try easy poses for two people!

Wireless Sports Earphones

There are only a few people who enjoy practicing sports without listening to their favorite tunes. And, if your friend is not in this category, the chances are that headphones will make for the perfect present. 

Just make sure to find headphones models that are sports-friendly: for this, they should be sweat-wicking, water-resistant, and comfortable, and safe to wear. The type of sport your friend practices can give you hints on the best model to buy.


Photo by Dom J from Pexels

Jump Rope

Rope jumping is often considered a game for kids. However, only a few fitness enthusiasts truly understand the benefits of this sport

Aside from helping you improve your coordination, refine your footwork, and prepare you for other sports such as boxing, rope skipping can also be one of the best high-intensity cardio exercises. What’s more is that jumping rope can also improve bone strength, protect your heart’s health, burn calories, and prevent injury. 

In the video below, you can find a jump rope workout to get you and your friend started. 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

A set of heavy-duty resistance bands is a fitness and travel enthusiast’s best friend. These tools are everything anyone needs for a complete workout. And, while they are incredibly sturdy and durable, they fit in any bag, backpack, or even purse. So, they are perfect to offer a complete gym workout or to be a travel buddy for someone who does not want to fall behind their fitness goals while on holiday.

Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration when working out is vital to last longer and give your best. And, there is no doubt that investing in reusable water bottles is the smartest, most eco-conscious choice you could make. Since everyone needs one, a reusable water bottle is a perfect gift for any fitness lover. 

Make sure you select the best water bottle for the sport your friend practices – for example, someone who is getting ready for long-distance runs will have different needs than the gym-goer looking for refreshments after weight lifting. 

Massage Gun or Foam Roller

A massage gun or foam roller is a great gift for anyone who loves fitness. Muscle soreness can be a severe issue for someone who is training for a race or competition, can facilitate injury, and prevent an athlete from exercising. Massage guns and foam rollers are different tools that can be used to speed up recovery, facilitate muscle growth, relax tension areas, and improve flexibility. Plus, they are highly enjoyable!

Balance Board

No matter what sport your friend is practicing, balance is essential. In yoga and pilates, some poses are simply unachievable without balance, and sports like surfing, skateboarding, skating, ice skating, and snowboarding entirely revolve around it. And, as balance skills derive from core strengths, it is easy to see the benefits that a balance board can offer! 

Sports Lessons and Classes

Practicing sports and training is an entirely personal experience. And, while some people love to focus on a specific routine, others like to explore. If your friend is interested in learning about other activities and various disciplines, you can be sure that they will love sports lessons. 

Firstly, practicing other activities is a surefire way to learn new skills and techniques. Additionally, learning new sports can benefit mental health, cognitive skills, and mental flexibility.

Suspension Training Straps

Suspension training has been seen to be beneficial in many aspects. Naturally, it can strengthen muscles while also improving flexibility, stability, and balance. At the same time, this discipline can be extremely beneficial for those fighting chronic pain. And, since all you need for practicing this comprehensive discipline is ad-hoc suspension training straps, these make for the perfect present for someone ready to try a new sport.

A Blender

Smoothies, shakes, and supplements are staples in the diet of any fitness enthusiast. After all, fresh fruits and vegetables, plant-based protein, and nuts can offer incredible health benefits. Yet, to create delicious recipes with these ingredients, a blender is necessary! If your friend does not have one, this could make for the perfect present.

Fitness App Subscription

The advent of at-home workouts has been coupled with the rise of fitness apps, subscription plans, online classes, and video courses. Whether you are looking for HIIT classes or yoga teacher training courses, you will find plenty of alternatives to enjoy from the comfort of your home. 

However, many of these subscriptions are all but inexpensive and many fitness lovers can only choose one. Gifting someone a fitness app subscription can be a great way for your friends to keep up with their fitness goals and learn more about their favorite activity. Start looking for the perfect app today!