Red wine is prepared from various ingredients such as boysenberries, cherries, currant, coffee, fig, gooseberries, grapes, mocha, plum, raisins, raspberries, strawberries, tobacco, and violet, all of which contain healthy benefits.

Being made from different health-providing foods is one of the reasons why it could also be referred to as the healthiest alcoholic beverage, making it a part of most people’s gastronomic delight. How could red wines lead a healthier lifestyle? Here are 21 reasons why.

1. Fight Against Cardiovascular Diseases

Moderately consuming red wine can increase levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), which can protect against cardiovascular disorders. Resveratrol, a potent antioxidant seen on red wines, could inhibit the gathering of saturated fats on the arteries, and eventually prevent blood clots from happening.

2. Avoids Colds

Wines could treat and prevent colds as well due to its antioxidant properties. Wines contain flavonoids, a high level antioxidant. Flavonoids specifically function to fight against nasal viruses. Hence, red wines could ward off any bacteria or infection, relieve stuffy nose and make breathing easier.

3. Aids Digestion

The polyphenols found in red wine could encourage the growth of good bacteria. Polyphenols on red wines act the same as those in asparagus, garlic, onions, prebiotic food, and raw honey. All this would help you to have a better gut health and digestion.

4. Burns Fats

A glass of wine has been said to be equal to a one-hour workout. Red wines contain ellagic acid that could hinder the development of fat cells. As a result, one’s body could shed extra weight. Moreover, red wines could provide improvements to your liver.

5. Diminishes Risks of Cataracts

Reykjavik Eye Study revealed that consuming red wines could reduce the risk of developing cataracts. The study claimed that consuming red wine regularly would help older adults be less prone to cataracts that makes one’s vision hazy or blurry.

6. Good for Type II Diabetics

A glass of red wine a day could improve cardiac health and prevent heart disease by managing one’s cholesterol, especially for people with Type 2 Diabetes. No matter the vintage (like Barbi Brunello di Montalcino 1986) drinking in moderation could take place and provide benefits.

7. Fights Dental Cavities

Red wines contain compounds called polyphenols. Polyphenols are capable of stopping the bacteria found in our mouth like Streptococcus mutans from producing glucans, which are from the sweet stuff we eat and allow bacteria to remain and destroy our teeth.

8. Hinders Bone Loss and Osteoporosis

Silicon in red wine increases bone density. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that red wine reduces the risk of osteoporosis and could improve the bone density of men aged 50+. Another study revealed that red wine could strengthen the bones of menopausal women due to the polyphenols on grape skins.

9. Inhibits Acne

Apart from having anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, red wines also contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that could clear clogged pores and prevent breakouts. One could immediately apply red wine on one’s face as a topical treatment for acne-prone skin.

10. Improves Cognitive Function

The potent antioxidant resveratrol in red wines could improve one’s cognition function, as well. Alcohol promotes good cholesterol or healthy fats like that in avocados and coconut oils, which could prevent cognitive disorders like Alzheimers and dementia.

11. Nourishes your Skin

Red wine could not only be consumed orally. You could also make a facial mask with red wine and combine it with egg and honey. This combination could lighten your skin tone, hydrate your skin, and improve its texture.

You could also make your skin softer and suppler with red wine. Pour a small amount of red wine in a container. Dip a cotton ball, dab it on your face, and wash your face after 15 minutes. Applying red wine for 30 minutes could give you rosy cheeks.

12. Prevents Cancer

Aside from its antioxidant properties due to resveratrol, red wines also have the presence of quercetin. Both resveratrol and quercetin have been shown to reduce the growth of different kinds of cancer cells such those in breast and lung cancers.

13. Slows Down Aging Process

Resveratrol activates enzymes in circadian clocks, DNA repair, and other bodily processes, slowing down the aging process of a person. It slows down the aging of cutaneous tissue and prevents free radicals from damaging your skin.

It could also increase one’s skin elasticity and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, red wine contains melatonin that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, which will trigger you to have a sound sleep.


It is recommended to have a glass of red wine every day for a healthier lifestyle. Not only does it have surprising effects on one’s overall health, but red wine is also considered as one of the superfoods that could increase one’s lifespan in the safest and most wholesome way.

Scarlett Wells is a freelance writer and wine enthusiast. She is an active critique examining all levels of wine types so she can produce reviews and articles that will help guide every consumer in selecting the right kind of wine to drink. Aside from that, she wrote a lot of blogs maximizing the real usage of wines. In her free time, she reads about food and beverage pairing to help her become an effective mentor inspiring everyone to maintain a fit and fab lifestyle.