Is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) the answer to reversing old age? There is no way one can avoid old age catching up with them, but the changes that come with aging is a no go zone for many.

According to the New York Times, a clinical trial of 21 men was put to the test whose range was between 61 years of age to 81 years. All of them received an injection with a genetically engineered Growth Hormone. And after six months their body looked like men of 20 years.

During the trial, the GH therapy treatment had the most significant effect on body composition. Their weight was not affected; however, they gained 9% of lean body mass and lost 15% of body fat. ….

What is Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone is naturally produced in the pituitary gland of the human brain. After the GH release, it prompts the liver to make insulin and then triggers the growth of body tissues and bones. HGH is very instrumental for the healthy growth of children.

Lack of HGH in children may result in stunted growth plus development. In adults, HGH deficiency may develop as a result of radiation (interfere with the pituitary gland), surgery or tumor. What follow later is weight gain, heart disease, decrease immune system, osteoporosis, loss of muscles, and more.

Benefits of HGH

When your body is unable to produce enough GH as a result of sickness or old age, make sure you get professional help for injection. You can go to for a check-up and get administered the right dose to boost your GH level in your body. Below are the benefits you get when you receive an injection boost of the GH.

Body Mass Increase

Deficiency in GH can turn your body into something else. For older people or when the age is catching up, they experience muscle reduction and sagging skin. HGH therapy restores healthy looking lean muscles in your body, youthful look, and boosts your energy. Also, therapy cuts fat, improves your muscle strength and power.

Weight Loss

The use of HGH therapy injections is advantageous for obese people interested in weight loss. The injection assists the body to break down the lipids and contributes to the loss of visceral fat. In fact, anybody struggling with weight issues should consider using it as a treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation

HGH therapy is beneficial in restoring the health of your skin color and texture. Old age comes with wrinkles everywhere, but after the GH injection slowly by, your skin will start to gain a younger-looking tight skin. In areas where grey hair had developed, Growth Human therapy deals with it thoroughly and helps in restoration of thick dark hair.


The use of Hormone Growth Therapy is a revolution to restoring many health conditions and reversing old age. Technological advancement has opened doors to deal with health issues that many people never thought could exist. Human Growth Hormone is one of the discoveries that can restore your overall health both internally and externally.

Few side effects appear after HGH injection, but the benefits outweigh the cons of therapy injection.