The argument over whether or not coffee is good for your health has been ongoing for ages with no winners on either side. Some people believe that coffee has numerous health benefits while others believe it has more cons than pros. Regardless of this argument, consuming too much of anything can never be good for your health. So, if you have been drinking too much coffee and are looking for some motivation to quit or try something different, here are some reasons why choosing a coffee alternative might actually be healthier for your body. 

1, Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Regardless of which side of the coffee argument you may be on, it is a scientific fact that consuming coffee can somewhat increase stress and anxiety levels. Drinking too much coffee, especially with small amounts of food, can make matters even worse. If you are starting to get agitated quickly and stressed out over small things after consuming a little too much coffee, then it might be wise to start looking for alternatives. Granted, coffee could be the go-to morning drinking that you simply cannot get by without. If you can get enough coffee check out the best coffee grinders that might help out right cravings. However, there are always alternatives that can give you an equal amount of energy with less stress and anxiety effects. 

2. Improving Digestion

Coffee has different effects on each individual. However, it is commonly known to cause digestive problems among those who drink it on a regular basis. To improve your digestion, you could try healthy alternatives like Matcha tea, which provides the same perks of coffee without digestive issues. One of the many reasons to drink matcha is that it’s known to be light on the stomach and full of nutrients. You would still be consuming the desired amounts of caffeine that you need to continue your day without having to suffer from the uncomfortable side effects that come with coffee.

3. Increasing Metabolism

Some people argue that coffee boosts your body’s metabolism while others believe it is just a placebo effect. Even if coffee helps with metabolism rates, it does not offer significant results as other caffeinated beverages. Nutrients in most coffee alternatives offer more effective results when it comes to increasing the metabolic rate and improving the body’s ability to produce energy-stimulating hormones. In any case, consider trying the alternatives for yourself to see what beverage can give you the effects you desire. 

Alternatives to Consider

Once you have made up your mind that you would like to make the switch from coffee to other healthier drinks, it would be time to choose what works for you. The coffee alternatives you choose do not necessarily have to have caffeine. Many drinks can offer you nutrients that can boost your energy levels as well as give you that warm fuzzy feeling of coffee. 

  • Lemon Water

If coffee was your go-to morning drink because it gives you that kick you need to start your day, then perhaps you would enjoy switching to lemon water instead. The zesty lemon drink would give you a fresh taste as you wake up that is guaranteed to boost your energy levels in the morning. You can add honey and herbs as you please to make the flavors suitable to your taste. 

  • Coconut Water

If you were more used to sweeter coffee drinks than espressos, then switching to coconut water could be perfect for you. The milky sweet drink is becoming more and more popular among those who like the sugary flavors that are guilt-free. You can simply carry around a bottle of coconut water for hydration wherever you go and say goodbye to coffee. 

  • Green Tea

Giving up on caffeine entirely is not as easy as it sounds. So if you want to choose a coffee alternative that still has the extent of caffeine along with the warmth of a hot beverage, you should consider green tea. The hot drink has a low amount of caffeine combined with numerous nutrients that would give you enough energy to go with your day as well as maintain a healthy body. 

Coffee is consumed by millions of people around the globe. Many people argue over whether or not it is healthy to consume coffee that often. While we still can’t resolve this argument, what we know for sure is that numerous alternatives are rich in nutrients and can give your body the energy boost it so desperately needs. Consider doing some research and learning about different coffee alternatives before you make the switch to ensure you find a drink that you will like. Remember to try different things before you settle on just one drink, as you may find yourself enjoying more than one flavor.