Anxiety is one of the most common disorders plaguing our society today. It can make you feel jittery, confused, and sick and the worst part is that anxiety can show up out of nowhere. But in reality, with some small changes anxiety relief is just around the corner.

It can be tricky to get started on the right path of course, because it can feel like you’re always on the brink of experiencing another attack. But there are some easy choices that anyone can use to lessen the impact of an anxiety attack.

Here are three methods to reduce anxiety that anyone can use in their daily life. Check them out and see what works for you.

1) Reduce Anxiety With Cannabis 

It might not exactly be for everyone, but cannabis is considered a reliable method for reducing anxiety in many people. This little plant which can be inhaled or used in a tincture may be part of a treatment to help to curb anxiety and its symptoms.

The drug is now becoming legal for medical use in Canada for those over 19. It has been part of many clinical trials that have shown evidence of marijuana’s positive affects on anxiety and depression. Doctors believe it can be used to counteract anxiety symptoms like fast heartbeat and racing thoughts.

Furthermore, the drug itself can be purchased a variety of convenient ways. Whether treatment seekers are looking to buy weed online or in person at a dispensary, soon Canadians will be able to have all their medical cannabis needs filled without a worry.

2) Power Through With Meditation

Another method of minimizing anxiety is meditation. Meditation is the process of focusing for a set period of time. This is usually in silence, but can involve some form of chanting or guided group work.

Think of meditation as a way to acknowledge and accept the unfiltered thoughts in your brain. After allowing these thoughts to exist, meditators give themselves time to refocus negative thoughts to a positive towards a productive outlook.

Meditation can seem silly when you watch another practitioner as an outsider, but giving yourself space to reflect on your experiences can help you distinguish the root of your anxieties. Knowing the source of anxiety gives you a place to start addressing it so you can try to adjust accordingly.

Knowing where you are at and being able to make changes that help you to grow is an amazing thing! Even meditating just ten minutes a day can give you huge results, all sprouting from a tiny commitment.

3) Create a Space To Journal Your Feelings

A third way to help manage anxiety is to journal. Journaling can mean anything, but for most it involves writing down thoughts or feelings in  a safe way.

How your journal is structured is up to you. Your journal can be a stream of consciousness, or something carefully considered and planned out. Journaling is just a way to categorize or purge your thoughts. It can be absolutely private, or journal entries can be something you share with a medical professional, friends. Entries can even be something you reflect upon years later.

Writing down thoughts, feelings, experiences, and your general emotional state can be very clearing for those who deal with swirling thoughts that root in anxiety. Journaling can be a private place to work through anxiety or just to write down things without judgement. That’s the beauty of this medium: how you journal is completely up to you.