If you are an excited smoker who wants to stay up-to-date about every new strain that enters the marijuana world, the Gushers Feminized Seeds might catch your attention. This strain is a hybrid strain cultivated in the USA by mixing Gelato #41 with Triangle Kush. As this strain contains high THC content, it can make its consumers float. On the other hand, these seeds possess a lower CBD level. Thus, if you prefer the effects of THC over CBD, sowing some Gushers, Feminized Seeds can do wonders for you! Moreover, the plant is easy to grow, and its effects on the consumer are equally hard-hitting.

3 Things To Know About Gushers Feminized Seeds!

Before buying Gushers Feminized Seeds, you must know these three crucial points about them:-

What Is The Composition of Gushers Feminized Seeds?

  • Gushers Feminized Seeds contain up to 25-30% THC Content:- A few years back, such a high concentration of THC might have raised people’s eyebrows. Even 15% of THC in any strain would have been considered high by most people. However, now people can go beyond that level by sowing and growing some Gushers Feminized Seeds.
  • These seeds only possess up to 1% of CBD Content: Only 1% of CBD content might seem low to most people. But we assure you that even this 1% of CBD in Gushers Feminized Seeds produces enough relaxing effects on the consumers.
Image Credit- Cannabis Pot Weed – Free photo on Pixabay
  • These seeds have an equal proportion of Indica and Sativa: Yes, you read that right! We can guarantee that you will find it significantly hard to find another hybrid strain that is so well-balanced! The Gusher plants’ heritage is formed by 50% of Indica and 50% of Sativa genetics.

How Do Gushers Feminized Seeds Taste And Smell?

The terpene content of any strain is responsible for defining its flavor. Terpene is a chemical substance found within plants, especially the cannabis plant. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give a flavorful twist to the taste and scent of the cannabis plant. The predominant taste and aroma result from specific terpenes abundant in a strain. In Gushers Feminized Seeds, the Limonene is the dominant terpene. This terpene has a smell similar to lemons. And even though there are other terpenes present in Gushers, the abundance of Limonene makes the strain smell like lemons. Apart from the dominant lemon strain, several people have also reported that Gushers also have a hidden aroma of diesel. Moreover, some people have also said they can smell an aroma similar to berries in the Gushers strain.

As for the taste, the strain obtained from growing Gushers Feminized Seeds tastes similar to a perfectly balanced mixture of its parents- Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. The strain’s flavor will remind you of candies, sweetness, and every other taste related to your childhood!

What Effects Do Gushers Feminized Seeds Have On The Consumers?

  • Objectively, it doesn’t matter how good a strain looks, smells or tastes. What everything comes down to are the effects produced by the strain. The benefits offered by Gushers Feminized Seeds are a combination of the benefits of Triangle Kush and Gelato. While Triangle Kush has about a moderate 20% of THC, Gelato, on the other hand, possesses a higher 24% level of the compound. The resultant Gushers Feminized Seeds can contain any level of THC between 25% to 30%. This amount of THC gives you an idea of the euphoric high that the strain can offer you.
  • Indica Triangle Kush has benefits such as relieving anxiety and sadness. It also uplifts your mood and makes you happy. On the other hand, the high produced by Gelato #41 is relaxing and simultaneously buzzing. Thus, consuming the Gusher strain gives you an unhurried and mellow high.
  • After the first puff, the Gusher strain affects both the mind and body. It relaxes your muscles, and several consumers have also experienced their whole bodies tingling after some time. Moreover, some people also feel inactive at first, but after some time, they feel aroused. The slight buzz while being high on Gusher influences the consumers to seek out their better halves of friends at social events. Thus, you can vibe with your loved ones easily after consuming this strain. As the effects of the Gusher strain wear out, you might also experience hunger pangs. Moreover, people consume Gushers to alleviate their body pain and deal with their mental problems.
  • The combination of high THC and low CBD content in Gushers provides a potent high that gives you a buzz at first and then relaxes you. Pair all these benefits of this strain with its deliciously fruity flavor, and you will realize that you have got yourself quite a catch with Gushers Feminized Seeds!

Lastly, we hope that you must have fallen in love with Gusher’s Feminized Seeds after reading this article. You might also feel that these seeds would require a little time and effort in their growing phase, but we assure you that the resultant strain will benefit you significantly. Gusher strain is one such strain that you can consume based on its flavor. Additionally, consuming the strain can also help you sit back and relax after a hectic day at work.

The delicious and fruity flavor of the Gushers strain takes you right back to your childhood. Its perfect proportion of Indica and Sativa balances its effects, and its high THC content increases its potency. This incredible combination of delicious flavors and potent effects has made the strain win the High Times Cannabis Cup. This combination is also the reason for its growing popularity because everyone prefers the sweet candy flavors, rapid growth process, and the incredible high of relaxation that this strain gives. Most people have also started using Gushers as munchies and evening snacks. You can grow these seeds outdoors or indoors, and every climate is perfect for their growth. So what are you waiting for? Find a good and trusted vendor selling Gushers Feminized Seeds on the internet and plant your harvest as soon as possible!