If you are an exercise enthusiast, you may have already heard of the benefits that cannabidiol (CBD) can provide. It has numerous properties that can be used to specifically assist with your workout recovery. It can reduce pain and inflammation, which are common issues after a workout. It also comes loaded with omega fatty acids, which can help you build new and healthy muscles. While you can take CBD directly as oil drops or capsules, there are also specific products that can help people who exercise regularly. You just have to search “cannabis store near me” online to find the shops in your area and browse their product selection on their websites. Here are three useful CBD products to help with your exercise routines. 

1. CBD Protein Powder

Many people who exercise regularly will drink smoothies as part of their routines. Berries and other fruits are common ingredients that are also high in antioxidants, helping reduce inflammation. You also likely use yogurt or some kind of protein like protein powder. You can now get protein powder infused with CBD, so all you have to do is mix it in your smoothie. It is a very effective way to combine CBD with your usual pre- or post-workout routine, if you already drink smoothies regularly. 

2. CBD Skin Patch

If you lift weights or change your exercises to focus on particular areas of your body, you can make good use of CBD skin patches. These are transdermal patches that you stick to your skin, and it applies pain and inflammation relief to the area around it. The benefit of skin patches over creams or pain rollers is the pain relief lasts for a longer period of time, often as long as 24 hours. That can be a big help to minimize the pain and inflammation in your muscles for the period before your next workout.

3. Pure Maple Syrup Infused With CBD

Besides reducing pain and helping your body recover from a workout, your body also needs energy to sustain itself during a workout. This is especially an issue for people like marathon runners and long-distance cyclists. Your body burns through energy at a high pace, which is why such athletes often take energy supplements. The most popular options are glucose-based, since they provide the quickest surge of energy to the body. 

One of the most useful CBD products you can use to provide energy and manage your body’s pain and inflammation levels is pure maple syrup that has been infused with CBD. Pure maple syrup is natural, healthier than other glucose sources, and comes with other nutrients. It is also one of the easier products to infuse with CBD without sacrificing potency. 

These three types of useful CBD products for exercise enthusiasts are a great way to help with any of the main stages of your workouts. They can help prepare your body ahead of time, provide energy during your workout, or speed up the recovery period before your next session.