I know when it comes to exercise; it can be hard to find the time. For most of us our days are hectic with work, school and social activities; which doesn’t even factor in if you have children and their schedules. As a personal trainer many people are surprised that I like everyone else am pressed for time when it comes to exercise. Since it is my job to stay fit, I really have no choice but I found that there ways to find the time to exercise where there seems to be none. Below are 3 ways everyone can find the time to workout.

1. Take the path less traveled- I know this may be unpopular if you live or work in a building, but you don’t have to take the elevator; the stairs in your building are not just an option in emergencies. Stairs are a great way to exercise when you already have to go up floors in your building. While you might not get to your destination as fast as using an elevator, the benefit can be a great workout. My recommendation would be to walk up your stairs at least once a day depending on the floor you go to. If your building has many floors, maybe you can take the elevator up to a point where you can walk the remaining part of your trip ensuring that you get a good workout.

2. Combine your workout with another activity- while this might not work for everyone, but I sometimes workout while watching TV. While I don’t recommend someone do this all the time; working out in combination with another activity can save time while you still get to do what you want to do. Another way to save time for those who have kids would be to play with them. Many kid games like “tag” if played long enough are great “cardio” workouts.

3. Find alternate ways to travel- depending on where you are going, biking or walking are great ways to fit in exercise as you go to your desired location. While driving your car is convenient, it doesn’t get you in better shape; I recommend if you own a bike or like to walk consider using these methods to travel and workout.

While time is precious for all of us, finding time to workout doesn’t have to be impossible. If we use our imagination and have the desire to be active, you could be fitting in your next workout while living your life the way you already planned. There are many ways to save time in your day such as hiring an essay writer if you are a student, to give you extra time to carry out your workouts.

About the Author: Eric Daw is an active aging specialist and the owner of Omni Fitt. Omni Fitt is dedicated to the wellbeing, health and quality of life of people aged 55 and over. Eric motivates and empowers the older adult population to take responsibility for their independence, health and fitness through motivating and positive coaching experiences.