Without a doubt, everyone wants to find a quick and easy way to win more money, be it at an online casino, sportsbook or poker room. There are no shortcuts to winning big and being successful at gambling. There are always some things you can do to boost your results, but it does not mean that they are foolproof. If you want to start winning, you need to discover ways to become sharper and train your brain to be able to calculate odds and to be able to focus on the game at hand.

So how do you train your brain to win at casino games such as blackjack and online slot games? If you have been gambling for a while, then you have already started training your brain. Playing online casino games can hone your mental skills.

Besides providing you with entertainment value, you are also improving your memory capacity, social skills, mental speed and mathematical skills among others.

In a study carried out in 2011, it was concluded that there is a direct correlation between gaming and improvements in cognitive function.

 Of course, having a helping hand could also boost your chances. Claiming a casino bonus UK sets you off on the right path and safeguards you against costly mistakes.


Performing mental exercises that help boost your memory powers can help boost your gambling.  You can start off by memorising your grocery list, instead of jotting everything down on paper or your phone.

You can also play a variety of puzzles, such as crossword puzzles or try to remember events from the past.

In the game of Blackjack, memory comes in handy in the art of card-counting since you need to remember and count what cards have been dealt.

Switch up your daily routine

While having the same routine day in and day one can be beneficial for people who like structures, it can make your brain lazy, since you are not experiencing anything new.

Add variations to your routine to keep your brain engaged and try to force it into remembering new activities.

Instead of taking the same route to work, take a different one.

Use a different hand

This may be a somewhat controversial suggestion, but if you are used to controlling your mouse with your right hand, use your left one. It will feel strange and difficult at first, but the more you practise it, the higher the chances of your brain getting accustomed to it.

You can try this with other activities, such as writing, combing your hand or brushing your teeth. Find new ways to push your brain’s boundaries.

Brain-training will not only improve your online gambling game, but it will make your brain less lazy and ultimately smarter. You will be able to perform better at whatever task comes your way. The more you do something repetitively, the better you will get at it. However, you need to train your brain in order not to fall into routines.

Whatever you do or want to achieve, ways to become sharper and keeping your brain engaged are your first go-to option and might give you that extra edge at the casino.

If you are card-counting at a game of Blackjack, you won’t be able to successfully do it, unless you have trained your brain to do so. You just would not be able to memorise and play your hand successfully.

Studies have proven time and time again that brain training and memory games are effective ways to become sharper . Though there may be possible limitations, such as age or external conditions, working your brain can still enhance cognitive functions in both children and adults.