The yoga wheel is a new yoga prop that yoga experts have begun using recently. It is a narrow and hollow cylindrical structure which looks pretty much like a wheel, hence the name. You’ll find yoga wheels made from different kinds of materials, like plastic, wood, etc. Once you know how to use a yoga wheel, it can be a very useful prop in letting you master various postures of yoga that would otherwise be difficult. Here’s a list of yoga wheel exercises you can practice relatively effortlessly with the help of a yoga wheel.

Child’s pose

Child’s pose requires you to sit back on your heel as your knees are split up to the distance of your hips. As you assume this position, you are supposed to keep the yoga wheel right in between your knees. And then, keep both your hands on top of the wheel. Breathe in, and when you breathe out, you are supposed to push the wheel forward by leaning forward your torso. Take it further till the point when your stomach rests between the thighs and your arms are all stretched out.

Fish pose

If you want to stretch your shoulder muscles, fish pose is the best remedy. It requires you to bend backwards as it helps you to open your chest. Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Sit straight and keep the yoga wheel behind you, touching your back. Hold it in place with your hands and inhale. As you exhale, lean backward and you push your spine over the wheel and rotate the wheel. Keep going till your entire spine is aligned with the yoga wheel. You should rest your heels on the ground, limbs and hips in the air, and back on the wheel.

Easy pose

Easy pose is one of the most relaxing poses. And when you seek support of a yoga wheel as you rest your back on it and recline, it opens your chest even more and relieves tension in between the shoulders. Cross you legs and sit tall with your hands on resting on your knees in ‘yoga mudra’. Now, inhale and exhale; and as you exhale, let your spine rest on the wheel and extend it. Take it to the point when your head rests on top of the yoga wheel.  

As you perform these asanas, make sure your breath in and out at least thrice before you come back to the initial position. Yoga wheel makes it easier for the body to stretch, since it provides a support. As people start with yoga, they can’t monitor their posture and see if they are performing an asana the right way or not. A Yoga wheel makes it easy to monitor the posture for people who encounter this problem. Most yoga instructors recommend beginners to perform yoga wheel exercises since beginners get a hang of it sooner. Once you are able to master a posture, you can try performing the exercise without using a yoga wheel.