Exercising is important if you want to look great, fit, and self-confident, however, it can also make your hair look messy, sweaty, and tangled. This is often the case, and for some, it might be challenging, but if you implement the right tips, it’s entirely possible to keep your hair healthy even after the most vigorous workout. So if you feel dissatisfied with the way your hair looks after each exercise session, then here are some essential and useful tips that will give you better post-workout hair.

1. Brush your hair after a workout

If you have straight, mid-length, and also long hair, then brushing it after every workout will surely be of great help. This is important since a workout can cause congestion at your roost, and brushing it will surely break those congestions and also help with the even distribution of oils in your hair, mainly to your middle and ends. Therefore, get a quality hairbrush (if you don’t have one already!) and make sure to bring it to the gym with you. 

2. Use dry shampoo prior to each workout 

Dry shampoo shouldn’t really be a go-to product, but if you’re exercising on a regular basis, then it will be of big help, especially if used before working out. The reason for that lies in the fact that dry shampoo can soak up the oils, sweat, and other debris from your hair that gets accumulated during workouts or any other strenuous activities. Just remember to use it before you start exercising before your hair gets sweaty because otherwise, the dry shampoo will get caked up and lie on top of your hair. If you, for some reason, don’t like using dry shampoo, there are always alternatives that you may consider, such as baby powder or curl cream, if your hair is curly or wavy. 

3. Opt for gentle and sulfate-free shampoos 

If you wash your hair every day, then it’s essential to opt for gentle shampoos free from harsh sulfates and other harsh ingredients. Using shampoos with sulfates will strip your scalp of its natural oils and cause your hair to get even drier or oilier, depending on its type. So, a quality-made, gentle and sulfate-free shampoo is a great choice if you wash your hair daily. In case choosing the right shampoo and other hair products is too much work for you, feel free to check out useful hair guides that will help you take your hair care to a whole another level. If you exercise regularly, then it’s important to give your hair all the love and care. If the idea of washing your hair every day displeases you, then rinsing it after each workout is still a practical solution.

4. Choose your favorite hair accessories 

Hair accessories are your best friends in the gym. If you have thick and long hair, then it’s understandable why you’d need them. However, if your hair length is not here nor there, it means you’ll greatly benefit from a headband or hairpins. Other accessories that you should consider are, of course, scrunchies, especially if you have very long hair. If you don’t like scrunchies, then feel free to opt for regular elastics. When choosing hair accessories, it’s important to make sure they’re sweat-absorbing, so they won’t slip. 

Final thoughts 

Keeping your hair healthy, clean, and untangled is important if you frequent the gym almost every day. Exercising or running can cause hair issues, which is why it’s essential to take care of your hair properly before and after each workout session. These tips will help you take better hair of your hair and scalp, which is exactly what they need if you’re someone who works out regularly.