The age of entrepreneurs is upon us. Due to various factors such as the internet, increasing personal independence, and an ever-changing job market, more people are opting to start up their own businesses with some great wellbeing business ideas. 

Starting a business in the fitness and well-being niches are an excellent choice because their timelessness makes them super lucrative. Here are four businesses you can start in these money-making markets. 

1) Personal Training 

The personal training industry is one that is expanding in demand each year. A lot of people enjoy a more personal approach to getting fit with training that is personalized to them. As a personal trainer, you can also set up your business to particular audiences, such as the elderly, pregnant women, or bodybuilders, for example. 

Alternatively, you can set up your business simply for anyone who wants to get fit and eat better. Gyms are usually always open to hiring PT’s, or you can go freelance and start your business online.  

For PT, you will also need to get certified by a reputable organization such as the National Commission for Certifying Agencies or the American Council for Exercise.

2) Fitness Vlogging 

If you are very tapped into the virtual world, then fitness vlogging may be for you as a great wellbeing business ideas. There are many benefits to creating your own fitness videos on platforms such as YouTube. You can reach vast amounts of audiences, make the video as long or as short as you please, and you can do it from your own home!

Every person going into this market should partner with well-rounded companies that offer help with a variety of digital services. For example, ServerMania helps people with both websites and hosting. Since so much of your work will be online in one way or another, having reliable help is a must. 

You may need some sort of legitimacy behind you, but as long as you make your workouts engaging, professional, and effective there’s no reason you don’t stand as much as a chance as anyone else. You can monetize with YouTube by allowing adverts in your videos. Also, by accumulating a large following you can meet the YouTube Partner Requirements and access certain monetization features. 

3) Children’s Activity Classes

There’s no denying that children don’t get as much exercise as they perhaps once did. Technology plays a dominant role in keeping kids sedentary and stuck indoors, amongst other factors such as busy working parents.

Kids after school classes aren’t always successful due to budgeting issues and concern over turn out. You could be the fitness teacher children are lacking in their life! You could hire a studio at a gym, or make arrangements with schools for your setting, and create fun, and captivating activity classes. You may even want to initiate sports teams, such as netball, football, rounders, and running to help children find hobbies that they can take pride in for years to come. 

4) Open a Yoga and Pilates Studio 

Yoga and pilates are both practices that are increasing in popularity in the Western world. Both of these focus on working on the body and mind as a whole and improving overall fitness and well-being. This kind of exercise is valuable in the busy and stressful world we find ourselves in. 

You will need a widely recognized accreditation to teach yoga and pilates classes. However, once you’ve taken a course, you can jump straight into teaching and it’s such a versatile field, for a range of audiences. 


Make sure you know the path you choose to go down is definitely the right one for you. An entrepreneur who is passionate and loves what they do is half the recipe for being a successful one! Start by looking into relevant classes if you haven’t already, get a good dose of research in, and know the qualifications you may need. 

Once you have done this, you should be good to start building your fitness business.