Whether they’ve recently connected with someone exciting on a dating site for singles, or have been involved in a relationship for some time, the focus tends to be on maintaining the satisfied contentment of being ‘an item,’ organizing dates, or making plans for the longer-term. People don’t always appreciate the health benefits of being involved with someone. But relationships are undoubtedly positive for health and well-being and here are five benefits worth knowing.

Better mental health

One of the most demonstrable benefits of being involved romantically is how positive it can be for your mental health. People who are single often fret about finding someone compatible. They may feel a hint of jealousy when they see friends who are ‘going steady’ being invited to weddings or other social occasions. Jokingly or otherwise, society often stigmatizes the perfectly natural single status as representing those who are unlucky enough to be ‘left on the shelf.’ What is certainly true is being with someone leads to a sense of gratification. Having a partner with whom you can share problems with is a huge plus.

Coping with pain

There is actual science behind being ‘in love.’ The body will release hormones such a dopamine during physical intimacy,and this helps to suppress pain. This doesn’t just happen when things are getting physical. One medical study demonstrated showing a subject a photograph of their significant other enabled them to cope with more pain than someone who wasn’t in love and didn’t have a similar portrait to refer to.

Lower blood pressure

Another aspect which will boost health is the fact being in a partnership helps lower the blood pressure. The daily activities enacted by couples, such as arranging outings, chatting over a meal, heading out to the pictures, and a host of other possibilities, may appear mundane and unremarkable. But they’re reinforcing a general air of satisfaction. When you are in this frame of mind, your body responds by maintaining a state of relaxation. You will feel less agitated about things in general, and this calmness will keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.

Increased fitness levels

Couples who are an item will often be inspired to look after themselves to a greater extent than if they were living alone. If their relationship is still fairly new, then the individuals might well feel encouraged to ensure they look as trim as possible for their new partner. More time will be spent doing exercise, and they’ll keep a conscious eye on calorie intake as they strive to maintain their optimum physique.

As any partnership gathers pace, the parties will start looking into activities they could enjoy together, and this will cover everything from sharing hobbies to taking out gym memberships. Having someone else around to bounce ideas may lead to suggestions to do more than simply sitting around watching TV in the evening. A world of possibilities awaits outside your front door, so you could suggest embarking on a romantic stroll through your local park, or joining your local kayaking club! The point is, being in a relationship can be great for keeping you active.