Dental problems are very common, especially among the old Americans. Taking care of your teeth can make them last for long. This is the main reason why you find many people hiring family doctors or making regular dental visits.

Having healthy and well-maintained teeth will make you look beautiful and attractive. This is nothing which is so as beautiful as the smile of natural teeth. Early diagnosis of dental problems is the key to maintaining dental health. Some of the common dental issues that affect many people include tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, dry mouth, among others. Understanding the symptoms of these dental diseases can help you in seeking treatment early from dentists.

Let’s have a look at common dental problems that affect people, and their possible remedies.

1.Tooth Decay

You will find many people who are over 50 with dental cavities. Most of these cavities are found around old fillings, bridgework, or at the root of one’s teeth. This issue can also affect teeth that have been healthy before. Remember that the root of one’s teeth becomes more exposed and softer as you age.

This issue can be fixed by rinsing fluoride gels and by consuming mineral rich diets -diets rich in vitamin C and D. Individuals who have this problem should ask for prescription varnishes or gels from their dentist. You can treat tooth decay by applying these products at the root of your teeth.

2.Gum Disease

Your gum will appear reddish and swollen once it becomes infected. The affected gum can bleed easily. If untreated, this condition can progress further into periodontitis. In severe cases, the gum will pull away from your teeth, thereby creating pockets that can become infected. Gum disease is one of the dental issues that can make someone to lose the bone in his/her jaw or make one’s teeth to fall out eventually. This disease is very common among seniors who have crowned teeth and poor dental hygiene. It is also linked to some medications and poor habits like smoking.

Individuals who have have been affected by this condition should make regular visits to their dentist. Dentists can treat this condition by cleaning the inflamed and infected gums.

3.Dry Mouth

Signs of dry mouth include dry throat, cracked lips, sticky feeling in the mouth, persistent bad breath, and trouble swelling. Saliva is helpful in protecting people against tooth decay. However, its production can be affected by certain factors like old age and medications. Smoking is another bad habit that damages your salivary glands, thereby inhibiting the production of saliva. Individuals who don’t produce enough saliva are at high risks of gum disease and tooth decay. Saliva is loaded with phosphate and calcium, both of which that are helpful in preventing cavities.

This condition is treated by stimulating the production of saliva. You can do this by chewing sugar-free xylitol gum or sipping water all day. In severe cases, your dentist can recommend over-the-counter formulations or prescribe prescription substitutes for saliva. This will, in turn, restore the flow of moisture and saliva in your mouth

4.Oral Cancer

Cases of oral cancer have been on the rise over the last few decades. Most of these cases are linked to poor habits like heavy alcohol use and smoking. The Human Papillomavirus is the other major cause of oral cancer.

Oral cancer is a serious dental issue that kills many people. Nearly 50% of the patients who develop this condition don’t survive the disease. However, this condition can be treated if it is discovered in the early stages. Dentists should conduct oral exams on patients to check for this disease.

Taking care of one’s teeth is the best way of preventing these diseases. This can also help you in saving time and money spent when seeking dental care services. Early diagnosis and medical checkup can help you in detecting these conditions early before they can cause any irreparable damage. Again, you should consume foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D to make your teeth strong and healthy. Poor habits like smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol should also be avoided.