Motivating yourself to stay active can be challenging at any age. Some people are more drawn towards exercise, while others dread the thought of it. Each person has a different relationship with physical activity, but almost everyone needs to keep moving.

As people get older, it becomes more challenging to remain energetic. One of the key benefits of staying active is that provides ongoing stability for   your physical and cognitive health. Exercising can be helpful for seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease  since it can help their brain function, create a sense of security, and help them maintain  control over their mobility and functions that impact their daily activities. . 

Here are some things that seniors with dementia can do to stay engaged.

1. Get Involved in Group Activities

Taking part in any activity is more motivating when there are other people involved. For the elderly, being surrounded by people is often beneficial for their mental health. So, it is helpful if seniors with dementia live in a retirement home like Sagecare where they receive 24/7 support.  

If a senior with dementia lives in a home-like environment with high levels of nursing care, they are likely to feel more engaged  physically and mentally. When the residents in the retirement home get together and take part in activities like group games, music therapy sessions, and daily walks, they will feel more enthusiastic about moving around.

2. Join a Yoga Class

Yoga and meditation can boost both physical and mental health. Some moves can specifically help brain and body components. Research suggests that yoga may play a role in preventing and improving symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.

Yoga and meditation may also help improve memory and stress. In addition to cognitive benefits, yoga can also enable people to remain physically active and possibly reduce some unwanted weight that may be causing other health problems. The activity can also help seniors feel calm and relaxed.

3. Take Care of a Pet

If it is possible to own a pet based on a senior’s living arrangement, it can be a valuable addition to their life. Although many different pets can help a person stay active, a dog, in particular, may be the best choice. Since dogs need to go on regular walks, it might motivate the senior to take the dog out. It will enable both of them to keep moving.

Dogs also run a lot, especially when they are younger. Keeping up with the dog will help the seniors stay engaged at all times. Owning a pet is advantageous for physical and mental health as pet therapy can improve mood, have a calming effect, increase physical activity, and more.

4. Get Involved with Daily Chores

This activity might be the most boring one yet, but it is beneficial. Staying busy with chores helps people stay active without feeling like they are exercising. Getting into a daily routine of cooking, washing dishes, or vacuuming can encourage a person to stay on their feet for a particular time almost every day.

Staying active can sometimes feel demanding, but using the techniques above can enable seniors with dementia to keep moving without feeling forceful.